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How to Travel to UAE from Qatar via Road


Planning a Road Trip from Qatar to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Here’s Your Essential Guide!

Traveling from Qatar to UAE involves a journey via Saudi Arabia due to the absence of a direct border. This comprehensive guide, brought to you by, provides essential information and steps to make your road trip seamless.

Table of Contents

Personal Documents:

To embark on this road trip, ensure you have the following personal documents:

  • Qatar ID or QID (Qatar Identification Document)
  • Passport
  • Valid UAE visa (printed copy)
  • Valid vehicle registration (Istimara)
  • Driving license

Visa Requirements:

1. Saudi Arabia Visa:

  • Apply online or through the Tasheer visa center at Ezdan Mall, Gharaffa.
  • Opt for a regular tourist visa for a more extended stay.
  • Online e-visa fees: QR 290.59 (SAR 300) excluding medical insurance.
  • Tasheer e-visa fees: Approximately QR 522 (inclusive of various charges).

2. UAE Visa:

  • GCC residents can apply for a visitor entry visa online.
  • Requirements include a valid passport, residence permit, and a personal photo.
  • Online visa fees: QR 203.2 (AED 250) plus VAT.

Medical Insurance:

1. Saudi Arabia Medical Insurance:

  • Mandatory requirement for entry.
  • Obtain along with the visa, with prices starting at QR 36.5 ($10).

2. UAE Medical Insurance:

  • Not mandatory for entry.

Vehicle Insurance:

1. Saudi Arabia Vehicle Insurance:

  • Purchase at Abu Samra Border or online.
  • Prices start at QR 116.48 (SAR 120) for 1 week.

2. UAE Vehicle Insurance:

  • Mandatory for foreign vehicles.
  • Purchase online or at Ghuwaifat Port Station.
  • Prices vary based on the duration, starting from QR 208.16 (210 AED) for 15 days.

Journey & Procedure:

1. Entering Saudi Arabia from Qatar:

  • Exit Qatar through Abu Samra border.
  • Complete documentation and procedures at Saudi immigration.
  • Biometrics procedure at ‘Passports’ building.
  • Validate vehicle documents and purchase insurance if needed.

2. Entering UAE after Crossing Saudi Arabia:

  • Continue towards Al Batha/Ghuwaifat Port after entering Saudi Arabia.
  • Customs and passport control at Al Batha Port.
  • Enter UAE through Ghuwaifat Port.
  • Complete UAE entry procedures, including passport control, biometrics, and vehicle insurance validation or purchase.

Exit UAE & Return to Qatar via Saudi Arabia:

  • Make an ‘Exit Payment’ at the UAE border.
  • Complete exit procedures at UAE passport control and customs.
  • Re-enter Saudi Arabia and head to Abu Samra border for return to Qatar.

Other Details:

  • Journey Time: Approximately 8 to 10 hours.
  • Speed Limits: Al Ghuwaifat Port to Abu Dhabi – 160 km/h; Abu Dhabi to Dubai – 140 km/h.
  • Petrol Stations: Available at Abu Samra border, approximately 15 km into Saudi Arabia, and near the UAE border.
  • Location: Abu Samra border – Bu Samra, Salwa Rd, Abu Samra; Saudi Arabia – UAE border (Al Batha/Ghuwaifat) – Al Ghuwaifat Port Station.
  • Currency: Qatari credit/debit cards accepted at the border. Restaurants near the UAE border accept Qatari Riyals.
  • Important Contacts: Abu Samra Border Customs: +974 4471 4639 | Saudi Arabia Tourism Authority (e-visa inquiries): 00800 101091 | General Directorate of Residency And Foreign Affairs – Dubai: +971 4313 9999.

Embark on this memorable road trip, exploring the scenic journey from Qatar to UAE via Saudi Arabia. Safe travels! 🚗🌍 #RoadTrip #QatarToUAE #TravelGuide #Qatarjust

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