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Leave Entitlement in Omani Labour Law : Complete Guide

Leave Entitlement in Omani Labour Law

The Omani Labour Law (enacted by Royal Decree 35/2003, as amended) (“OLL”) lays down the leave entitlements open to employees working in Oman. In this article, we are going to know about all provisions related to leaving entitlements.

Following is all the provision of leave entitlements under Omani Labour Law.

Annual Leave

Upon completion of six months of service, an employee is entitled to take an annual leave of 30 calendar days with full salary, as provided by Royal Decree 113/2011. It is possible to take the leave at different times based on the needs of the job.

Furthermore, the OLL specifies that an employee must take at least one two-week period of leave every two years. An employee who leaves employment before utilizing all of the annual leave that is available to him/her is entitled to seek the basic wage for the unused period of the accrued leave.

Sick Leave

As specified in Article 66 of the OLL, an employee may take one or more periods of sick leave in a year, which may not exceed ten weeks, regardless of whether the leave is divided or continuous. The following procedures apply to sick leave salary entitlements:

  1. The first two weeks of leave are paid in full. 
  2. After two weeks, the employer pays 3/4 of the salary. 
  3. After two weeks’ leave, the employer pays 1/2 percent of salary.
  4. After four weeks’ leave, the employer pays 1/4 of the salary.

Medical certificates are required to establish a sick employee’s sickness; if there is a dispute, it is referred to the medical committee, whose decision in matters of sickness is final.

Article 43 of the OLL specifies that if an employee is unable to work for a continuous period of not less than ten weeks during a year due to sickness, the employment contract may be terminated.

Emergency Leave

According to Ministerial Decision 657/2011, private-sector employers are entitled to take emergency leave. According to law, an employee is entitled to emergency leave in case of a sudden emergency beyond their control. But it has to be a genuine emergency. A full salary is paid for six days of emergency leave in a year. Emergency leaves cannot last longer than two days per block. These leave days are in addition to thirty days of annual leave.

Special Leave

In certain situations, an employee may be granted special leave under the OLL. An employee may only take special leave if the following conditions are met:

  1. Marriage (once only): three days;
  2. A maximum of three days should there be death.
  3. Two days if an uncle or aunt dies;
  4. Al-Haj (pilgrimage) requires fifteen days once throughout his service and only after a year;
  5. When her husband dies, a working Muslim wife is entitled to one hundred and thirty days;
  6. Omani employees who are also students at one of the schools, colleges, or universities have fifteen days during the year to take their exams.

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Weekly Rest Day

A worker is entitled to at least two days’ rest every seven days, according to article 71 of the OLL.

In our understanding, employees can work six days a week, as long as it is specified in their contract, and provided that they are either entitled to an additional day of annual leave for every sixth day worked or to double their daily basic salary for every sixth day worked. As well, we understand that workers can work six days per week at any time, provided the contract specifies this.

Maternity Leave

Working women are now entitled to a maternity leave of fifty days fully paid, to cover the pre-and post-maternity period. Working women may be entitled to extra leave if their absences are due to valid medical reasons.

Public Holiday

According to Article 65 of the OLL, an employee is entitled to their full salary for holidays, festivals, and other occasions that may be specified by the Minister. Public holidays are those specified by a decision of the Minister.

If a public holiday coincides with a weekly rest day (e.g., Friday), an additional rest day is required to compensate the employee. The employee must also receive an extra day of rest if he has to work on a public holiday or double his salary.

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