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How to Get the Oman Visa for Citizens of the US

Oman Visa for Citizens of the US

For Americans, Oman is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. The availability of an online Oman visa for US passport holders has made visiting the country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula easier than ever before.

Due to Oman’s warm climate and several activities, it’s one of the countries on every US citizen’s bucket list. However, before booking anything for the tour you must have an Oman visa for US citizens. In this article, you will get to know everything regarding Oman visas for the citizens of the US. Read the whole article to get enlightened.

Is a visa for Oman necessary for the citizens of the US?

Yes, passport holders from the United States of America must obtain an Omani visa before visiting the country for more than 14 days. Because of a strong diplomatic relationship, American nationals can apply for a streamlined Oman e-Visa.

This means that US citizens will not need to apply for a visa in an embassy or consulate in Oman. They can instead apply from the convenience of their own homes.

Most Oman e-Visa applications are completed swiftly, with most tourists from the United States receiving their visas within 24 hours. However, due to the volume of applications or inaccuracies in the information given, it may take a little longer in some circumstances.

How to obtain an Oman visa for US citizens

The process of obtaining an Oman visa for US nationals is simple. Travelers from the United States must complete an online visa application for the Sultanate of Oman, pay the required money, then wait for the e-visa to be approved and delivered to their email inbox.

Travelers from the United States can select between two types of Oman visas. You have three choices:

  • Single-entry visa- valid for 30 days stays up.
  • Multiple-entry visa- valid for 30 days stays per entry in Oman within a year.
  • Single-entry visa- valid for 28 days stays up for the citizens of GCC.

US embassy registration for Oman

When going to any nation, including Oman, US citizens should use the “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)” to register their information with the American embassy.

STEP-registered US citizens will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Important information about Oman, particularly the country’s security situation.
  • In the event of an emergency in Oman (such as a natural disaster) or a family problem at home, they will be called by the US embassy.
  • In the event of an emergency, the US embassy will assist family and friends in contacting them.

STEP can be signed up for electronically using a simple online process that takes only a few minutes. You can register for STEP at the same time as applying for an Oman visa on this website.

Application of Oman E-visa for the citizens of the US

Visitors from the United States can apply for an electronic visa in advance of their journey by filling out a simple online application form. This can be done from anywhere with an internet connection and just takes a few minutes to complete.

You need to provide your details, passport details, travel itinerary, and contact details including your email ID. After filling in all the details you need to attach the required documents in digital format. The application will proceed within 24 hours, and your visa will be sent to your given email ID.

  1. Fill out the entire tourist visa application form.
  2. Pay the visa fee via credit/debit card.
  3. Receive the e-visa by email.

Required Documents

Following are required documents which you might need to get an e-visa for the entring in Oman.

  • Passport
  • Passport details
  • Recent digital photograph
  • Email ID
  • Credit/ Debit card to pay the fee.

Visit Oman from the US

Flying into Oman or taking a cruise ship are two options for visiting the country from the United States. Muscat (the capital), Salalah, and Khasab are the three most common airports for flying into the country. Most major cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, and Miami, also have flights.

Oman Embassy in the US

here are two Omani diplomatic missions in the United States. They are:

  • The Oman Embassy in Washington DC 
  • The Oman Permanent Mission to the UN in New York 

If you are visiting Oman for business, a family reunion, or tourism, you must first obtain an Oman visa.

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