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E-visa for Oman : Complete Guide

E-visa for Oman Complete Guide

The online Oman visa made the process very easy and faster for foreign citizens who wished to visit Oman. Now the eligible countries can get an e-visa for Oman in a few moments with the help of the online application. There is no need to visit an embassy for the same. 

What is the Oman e-visa?

It is an electronic travel authorization introduced by the Sultanate of Oman in March 2018. The e-visa is compulsory for short stays and tourism.

Types of Visas available online

The validity of an Oman visa is dependent on the type of visa you have. Following is the available e-visa for eligible travelers:

  • Single entry visa- for stays of up to 30 days.
  • Multiple entry visa- total stays of 30 days per entry within a year.

The citizens of the GCC country get an Oman online visa for a stay of up to 28 days for a single entry.

Who requires a visa for Oman?

Most foreigners need a visa to enter the country, however, the type of visa depends on the needs of the traveler’s circumstances. Oman e-visa is the easiest way to get tourists. To get an e-visa you must meet the required requirements including e-visa eligible passport. Following are the names of a few countries whose citizens are eligible to get an Online Oman Visa:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland 
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • South Africa

Travelers traveling via Oman for up to 6 hours are not mandated to hold an e-visa for Oman, as long as they can provide onward tickets for their final destination.

According to the ship manifest, anyone entering Oman as a passenger or crew on a visiting ship is automatically granted a visa without having to pay the Oman visa fee.

How to Obtain an Online Oman visa?

To get an Oman visa online, you need to check your eligibility and fill out the Oman visa electronic request application. The application will take only a few minutes to complete. You need to fill in the basic personal details, passport details, and traveling information. Then you need to pay the required fee, you will get a copy of the Oman e-visa and receipt of payment on your given email id.

You are needed to have a passport from an e-visa Oman qualified country valid for at least 6-months from the desired date of coming to Oman.

When should I enter Oman with an e-visa?

The process of Oman e-visa application is very simple and quick than an embassy and on-arrival procedures. You can obtain your Oman visa online and enter the border of Oman without waiting in long queues at the consulate or airport. 

Moreover, the fee for Online Oman Visa is cheaper than embassy permits. E-visas also have less risk affected as visas on arrival can be rejected if all the required conditions are not fulfilled. With the e-visa in hand, you already have the necessary pre-authorization before starting the journey.

What to do in Oman with an e-visa?

You must know that the Oman e-visa is valid for tourism, which means that you can use it to explore the Sultanate and enjoy the tourist activities. You can not work on an Oman e-visa.

Depending on the type of e-visa applied for, the travelers have 10 days to 3 months to tour the Middle Eastern country.

Information about Oman Visas

The Oman online visa program is an element of the Sultanate’s proceeding efforts to promote international tourism. The government established easy-to-obtain access to make travel to Oman more comfortable and smoother. However, the pandemic pushed the Oman authorities to take exceptional efforts and set travel restraints.

Following is the most delinquent news on Covid-19 measures concerning visas and tourism in Oman.

  • Oman is currently processing online visa applications for qualified visitors.
  • Visa holders, Omani citizens, and residents are permitted into the Sultanate.
  • Foreign travelers are required to have a Covid19 vaccination certificate and a negative test result.
  • There is no quarantine for foreign visitors who meet Covid 19 health requirements.
  • There are no valid flight bans. All nationalities that meet immigration requirements can travel. 
  • 10-day visa-free entry for eligible nationalities has been suspended.

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