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Oman Labour Law : Complete Guide

Oman Labour Law Complete Guide

If you recently shifted to Oman or are thinking of working there, you must know about the Oman Labour Law. You must know all the information laws and all the legality of the state’s labor law. Every state has its separate labor law. 

Let’s check all the information on Oman Labor Law!

Oman Labour Law

Oman Labor Law – what is it?

Oman labor law is a labor law of Oman according to which all employers and employees must follow these rules. The law helps members of the workforce to work harmoniously together without conflicts.

All employment-related issues are governed by the Oman Labour Law, which is defined by Royal Decree 35/2003. All private-sector employees, including those from abroad, are covered by the rule.

What is covered by the labor law?

The Omani law states that the basic requirements for getting a job in the country are having a valid work permit, being physically fit to work, having a contract with an employer, and possessing professional and academic credentials.

Valid work permit

It is illegal to work in Oman without a valid work permit. The penalty for violating this rule can be as severe as jail time if both parties fail to follow it. Moreover, foreign workers can be deported by the government at any time without any benefits.

Employment contract

There should be a contract between all employees and their employers. The agreement specifies the employee’s name, qualifications, job description, basic salary, benefits, duration, and termination terms.

Entrance, residency, and employment visas

A valid visa is required for anyone planning to visit or stay in Oman. Visas may determine the type of agreement, type of employment, and duration of stay.


The basic wage for OFWs in Oman is OMR 290 (39,000 PHP). Allowances and other benefits are not included in the salary. An employer may be penalized for not paying the salary on time.


Oman provides minimum benefits to its employees, including salaries, allowances, board and lodging, and vacation time. Nonetheless, the employer can provide extra benefits, depending on the employee’s performance.

Working hours

Oman’s labor law limits weekly work hours to 45. An average workday lasts 9 hours. However, during Ramadan, employees only work for 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week.


If overtime is paid, employees are allowed to do it. If Oman workers agree to perform additional work, they should receive additional compensation proportionate to their work. There are two options for overtime compensation: Time off or additional pay equivalent to 1.25 to 2 times the employee’s hourly rate.

Type of leave

Like other countries, Oman also provides various kinds of leave such as sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, emergency leave, etc. 

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