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Procedure to apply for an Alcohol License in Oman

How to apply for an Alcohol License in Oman

Do you know that the purchase and consumption of alcohol in Oman are culturally prohibited? Only an ex-pat can lawfully drink and get an alcohol license in Qatar. In this article, you will get all information regarding the procedure of getting an alcohol permit in Oman.

How to apply for an Alcohol License in Oman

A few independent businesses are scattered throughout the country, but most are located as part of major hotels. Expats and Filipinos can buy alcohol at the mentioned suppliers, but they must also have a liquor license.

In contrast, a non-Muslim with a resident visa is permitted to apply for and possess alcohol. Nonetheless, they must buy according to their salary. The value of alcohol bought should not exceed 10% of their monthly income.

Requirement for an alcohol license

  • Passport photocopy with valid residence visa
  • Resident card photocopy and an application form of resident card issued by the Ministry of Manpower
  • 2 passport-size photos with blue background.
  • An official ‘No Objection Certificate’ from your sponsor in English and Arabic, with salary and designation

Do you know the Royal Oman Police, which regulates alcohol-related issues in the country, enforces and provides liquor licenses? The ROP regulates alcohol within the country as an independent body. Thus, only hotels, restaurant owners, alcohol suppliers, or duty-free shops are allowed to sell alcohol.

To get a liquor license in Oman, you must follow the following steps:

  • Send a written request with supporting documents to the ROP. Don’t forget to include passport photos, passports and labor cards, employment contracts, and No Objection Certificates. ROPs would review and assess the request, and then make a decision based on their case analysis.
  • A mosque would have to be at least one kilometer away from the premises.
  • Residential areas nearby should also be considered.
  • There are religious considerations when it comes to the supply and consumption of alcohol in public.
  • According to the rating displayed in decision 39 of 2016 of the Ministry of Tourism, the establishment should be classified properly.

Last but not least, a supplier applicant must qualify as a first-grade category entity according to the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry evaluates applications based on the service they offer. It lasts for two years and must be renewed by submitting the same supporting documents.

Where to apply for an alcohol license?

Only buy alcohol from authorized retailers! And don’t forget to keep the receipts of the purchase.

Shop/Office: Oman United Agencies (OUA)

Contact: +968 24643333


Shop/Office: African & Eastern (A&E)

Contact: +968 23467817


Shop/Office: Gulf Supply Services (GSS)

Contact: +968 2448 2333


Renewal of Alcohol License

You just need to bring your old license for renewal. To avoid trouble & paying fines, it’s best to apply & obtain a liquor license before buying alcohol in Oman.  

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