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SJC Qatar launches the first phase of its digital family documentation program

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Here is a piece of good news for everyone who wanted to digitalize their documents. A digital family documentation program was launched on Tuesday as part of the Supreme Judicial Council’s National Initiative to Develop Justice Systems and Update Electronic Services. As part of the digital project for documentation services, the administration is re-engineering procedures, according to Dr. Khaled al-Roumi, head of the Department of Family Documents.

By incorporating direct digital linkages, individuals and government agencies will be able to obtain updated information while simultaneously reducing the number of services provided. In the course of its digital development plans, the Family Authentication Department has released an experimental package of digital documentation services, including marriage contracts and marriage cards.

As a result, the marriage contract is currently issued via an integrated system. From the stage of application by an individual, this process is completed by the legal authorized via smart devices. Digital signatures are used for the contract between the parties. Additionally, the documents of the digital marriage contract are forwarded to the Authentication Department for review, approval, and documentation via the program’s electronic platform.

A digital copy of the marriage contract is then made available on the family documentation portal as part of the individual’s national authentication account, together with a paper copy that is based on the digitally filled-out contract form that includes the authentication number. The police press will produce the paper copy with security features that can’t be faked.

As part of the same initiative, a new service of issuing a marriage card has also been launched, which is similar to the individual card (ID). It is part of the process to facilitate individuals utilizing only the key information in the marriage contract. When needed, it can be easily used and carried by government agencies not connected digitally with the SJC.

There is a bar code on the card that contains all the information and is electronically updated to reflect the status of the marriage contract. The card replaces several services that were canceled as a result of the digital transformation. “Proving the continuity of marriage” or “requesting an authenticated copy of the marriage contract”, along with accompanying requests to bring witnesses, are examples of these services.

The card provides a statement of social status, such as married/divorced/single/widowed, to the competent authorities, allowing them to update their records and stop requesting beneficiaries to submit updated documents to prove their status.

Under the classification of the SJC, the Documentation Department wanted to issue a card linked to the contract number for individuals to be able to use without the need to present the complete contract. Applicants can obtain marriage cards for a previous contract by attending the family court building or delivering the card, among other services, through the Qatar Post service.

According to Judge Khaled al-Roumi, the listed family documentation services constitute the first package. In the coming year, the administration will continue to provide all services to individuals through the electronic documentation portal within the digital transformation project.

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