What are the Basics of Gardening

What are the Basics of Gardening

Do you love plants? Loves to play with them and grow them? But don’t know how to do the basics of gardening? Then, it is the perfect article for you as we are going to discuss the basics of gardening for people like you and us. 

Gardening is in itself is an art. Like painting, music, etc., people find peace in it.

Let’s find out!

How to get started?

The following are some tips for growing flowers, veggies, fruits, and herbs in a large or small yard.

Container gardening

If you are a newbie, you should start it with a container garden or windowsill garden instead of a lot of space.

Outdoor gardening

Although container gardening may be a better fit for a newbie or someone with no garden, it’s just as easy to start gardening outdoors, straight in the ground – especially if you have good soil. You don’t even need containers!

Indoor gardening

Indoor gardening is one more option that you have. It’s like container gardening though. But it is very helpful for herbs and veggies. You just need a window and 4 hours of direct sunlight.

Gear for gardening

Seeds, Plants, & scraps

The best gardening tools in the world are useless if you don’t have anything to grow. 


You’ll need potting soil if you’re starting a container garden. In most cases, potting soils are clearly labeled according to what type of plant they’re designed for, so finding the right one is simple – or an all-purpose mix will work fine, too.

However, don’t forget to check soil pH levels.


There are gonna be a lot of containers needed for your container garden. Ensure they have drainage holes on the bottom to help extra water drain. The most common types of planters are made from terra cotta or plastic, but if you need something larger, you can drill holes in 5-gallon buckets.

A sunny spot or a grow light

We have plants, dirt, and containers – now it’s time to light them. Your plants love the sun, they’re solar-tartans. 

Find a sunny windowsill in your home where you can grow your windowsill vegetables, and place your outdoor garden there. 

Watering can or garden hose

Plants also need water. Although some plants require more water than others, a general rule of thumb is to water when the top layer of dirt or soil is dry.

The best way to water your garden is with a hose. However, if you have a container garden or an indoor garden, you can use a watering can.


Fertilizer is another essential part that helps plants to grow, apart from water and sunlight, etc.

Hand trowel & gloves

Hand trowels and gloves help to protect our hands. 

Beginners often get tangled in the weeds of uncertainty and overplanning. However, gardening can be easy with the right tools. The key is to remember that plants want to grow!

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