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List of Dubai Traffic Regulations and Fines

Dubai Traffic Regulations and Fines

If you want to know the Dubai traffic fines, click on the link – Emirates ID Check Online to know in detail. Also, you can get to know the details about the Dubai traffic lines through your Emirates ID and Vehicle number. Without the emirates ID card, one cannot check the fines on the vehicles and other details.

In addition, you can get the complete information about the fine payment by going through the above link. Dubai traffic fines are based on your vehicle’s violations in the Arab Emirates.

Fine List and Details

A shared link also lets you know about the common fine amount with details. Plus, you can get information about the process of reducing the fine amount from the article link itself.

If you are driving in Dubai while using your mobile phone, or if any distractions get you, a fine of AED 400 along with an allocation of four black points.

Now, if talk about black point system, it ensures the minimization of risky traffic offence in Dubai. These points are allocated according to the seriousness of violation. The maximum black point you can receive for an offense is 24 and the smallest is 2.

There is also fine system for leisure bike riders and truck drivers on the high roads. The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority has set a fine of AED 50,000 and seizure of their vehicles for not following the road rules.

In addition, the bikers will have to pay a fine of amount AED 500 in case they exceed a speed limit of 60 KMPH. An amount of AED300 fine will be imposed, if biker rides in a dangerous way and put a risk on other commuters.

Which side of Road is considered right to Drive in Dubai?

The right-hand side driving is legal in Dubai according to country’s traffic rules and regulations.

What is the Speed Limit in Dubai?

The speed limit varies according to the size of the roads in Dubai. However, the speed limit is set from 25 – 40km/hr for driving on residential roads.

Are Tourists Eligible to Drive in Dubai?

If you have an international driving license, you can drive vehicle in UAE. You can hire a car if you are 21+ years with a valid international license. If you are below the age, you might get in trouble.

Dos and Don’ts While Driving in Dubai

Driving age

Legal age in Dubai for driving is 18 yrs, and if you wish to take a vehicle on rent, your age should be above 21yrs.

Hand Gestures

Utilizing any sort of hand gesture against different drivers is included as offensive in Dubai.

Black and White Points

UAE has this point framework those who violate driving rules. Black goes for the individuals who break the regulations and white for the other.

Street Signs

It is great to get acquainted with street signs to guarantee your protected excursion while driving in Dubai.

Drink and Drive

It isn’t lawful to drink and drive in Dubai, and if you found doing such activity, you will be imprisoned.

If you see a blue sign, there is an obligatory instruction; triangular signs with red outlines warnings. Roundabout symbols with red outlines show actions activities that the driver should avoid. Plus, all the written signs are indicated in Arabic and English language.

Rash driving or driving over as far as possible is chargeable under Dubai traffic rules and guidelines.

Utilizing seat belts while driving is obligatory in Dubai. What’s more, whenever found guilty, you are charged to pay a fine of AED 400 as a punishment.

Download RTA drive application, made particularly for navigation in Dubai

Note: It’s recommended to drive cautiously as per the Dubai traffic rules.

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