List of popular hotels in Bahrain

List of popular hotels in Bahrain

Are you looking for a 5-star hotel in Bahrain for stays or something else? Then this is your ideal article. In this article, you will get to know all 5-star hotels in Bahrain. Let’s check the list!

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Al Areen Palace & Spa

For an unforgettable experience in Bahrain, stay at the Al Areen Palace and Spa. You can spend all day swimming or playing in the jet pool in each villa, meaning you never have to worry about being disturbed. The spa also offers yoga classes and meditation, as well as spa treatments.

  • Location- Al Areen Palace and Spa, Hamad Town
  • Contact- 1784 5000

Crowne Plaza Bahrain

This is the hotel to choose if you are all about location. Located in the diplomatic area, 15 minutes from the airport, this hotel allows you to experience the best that Manama has to offer. There are three restaurants, two bars, and a cafe, so you don’t even have to leave the hotel.

  • Location- Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Diplomatic Area 
  • Contact- 1753 1122

Downtown Rotana

The Downtown Rotana hotel is located right next door to the famous Manama Souq and Bab Al-Bahrain. On the 25th floor, you’ll find Alto, a restaurant and bar that offers incredible city views.

  • Location- Downtown Rotana, Government Avenue, Manama
  • Contact- 1311 9999

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Apart from the World Trade Center, the Four Seasons hotel in Bahrain Bay is the most iconic building in the Manama skyline. You can enjoy spectacular views of the city from every room here, but if that isn’t enough, check out the Blue Moon Lounge by Wolfgang Puck on the 50th floor. As the hotel recently opened up a private beach, you can catch a tan while in Bahrain.

  • Location- Four Seasons, Bahrain Bay
  • Contact- 1711 5000

Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa

This hotel has it all if you are searching for a hotel that has it all. There are meeting rooms for businessmen, spas for stressed-out people, and restaurants for everyone else. The hotel features ten restaurants, including Thai and Iranian cuisine, as well as Rasoi by Vineet, Bahrain’s first Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant.

  • Location- Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa, Road 3801
  • Contact- 1771 3000

Jumeirah Royal Saray

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without traveling far? Stay at the Jumeirah Royal Saray. This hotel complex features a private beach and plenty of dining options, including the wonderful Japanese restaurant Bushido.

  • Location- Jumeirah Royal Saray, Avenue 38, Seef
  • Contact- 7770 7070

The Merchant House

The hotel has just 46 suites, and you’ll regret missing this opportunity. As the owners of Merchant House converted an old building, they kept many of the original features, but added hundreds of paintings and photographs throughout the lobby, corridors, and even the rooms, creating a very unique space. In the winter, the rooftop pool and restaurant will be perfect.

  • Location- Merchant House, Government Avenue, Manama
  • Contact- 1667 1000

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

Another 5-star hotel you won’t want to leave is the Ritz-Carlton, with its delicious Mexican restaurant Cantina Kahlo and the exclusive La Table Krug by Y which seats only 16 people a night. The private island and lagoon, as well as a giant private pool, are also available to guests.

  • Location- Sheraton Bahrain Hotel, Palace Avenue, Manama
  • Contact- 1753 3533

Hotel Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

We promise you that the Sofitel in Bahrain is worth the trip from all the other hotels on this list. You’ll love the suites and rooms on Bahrain’s west coast, as well as the swimming pools and spa, which is the only Thalassa spa in the Arabian Gulf.

  • Location- Hotel Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, Zallaq Highway
  • Contact- 1763 6363

Wyndham Grand

With floor-to-ceiling windows, this iconic building offers stunning views of Bahrain Bay and beyond. It has two restaurants, two swimming pools, and a spa. This is the only 5-star unlicensed hotel in Manama that is suitable for families.

  • Location- Wyndham Grand, Road 4611, Manama Seafront
  • Contact- 1711 6116

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