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Qatar to Bahrain Road Trip: All You Need to Know

Road Trip Qatar to Bahrain

Considering a road trip to Bahrain from Qatar? There are many details you need to be aware of regarding your journey, the procedure, the documents needed, and so much more.

As Qatar has no direct access or border to Bahrain, your journey to Bahrain will be via Saudi Arabia. You will first be required to cross the Abu Samra border from Qatar to Saudi Arabia, after which you will need to take the King Fahd Causeway, a 25 km bridge connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to reach Bahrain.

The (QJ) team has put together all the information you need to know about travelling to Bahrain from Qatar by road to ensure you have an easy journey.

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How to travel to Bahrain via road from Qatar

First things first, you will need to ensure you have your visas sorted ahead of your travel. You will require a visa to Saudi Arabia to cross the Abu Samra border from Qatar and a visa to Bahrain to enter Bahrain from Saudi Arabia.

Note: Qatari citizens do not require a visa to enter Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain visa

As a GCC resident, you will be eligible for a visa on arrival or apply for a tourist visa online. This is applicable for all profession categories except for the category of ‘labourer’.
To apply for the e-visa, you may do so using the national e-visa portal. Before applying, you can also check your visa eligibility on the same platform.

You can also purchase the visa upon arrival at the Bahrain immigration office at the border.

Visa requirements:

  • Passport copy.
  • GCC resident permit valid for 3 months.
  • Copy of hotel booking – if in case you are staying with friends or family, you can submit an ID copy of the host.

Note: When applying for the visa online, you will be asked to submit a copy of your air ticket – here, you can add a comment that you will be travelling by road; therefore, there will be no ticket copy to submit.

Visa fees:

The e-visa will cost a total of QR 87 (BD 9) for two weeks, which includes an application fee of QR 38.63 (BD 4) and a visa fee of QR 48.28 (BD 5).
The application fee is to be paid at the time of visa application, and the visa fee can be paid upon approval of the submission.

Saudi Arabia visa

To apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia from Qatar, you can do so online via Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, or through the Tasheer visa centre located at Ezdan Mall, Gharaffa.
Note that although Saudi Arabia offers a transit visa, it is a visa that is valid only for 96 hours, and it only offers a single entry. Additionally, it can only be applied once in 3 months; therefore, applying for a regular tourist visa will be recommended.

Online e-visa (tourist visa) fees:

The e-visa will cost QR 290.59 (SAR 300) – excluding the medical insurance.
The price of medical insurance starts at QR 36.5 ($10); however, it may vary based on the insurance company chosen.

Tasheer e-visa (tourist visa) fees:

The visa fees are subjective to the visa type; however, a tourist visa is approximately QR 522 (inclusive of the visa cost, the service fees for Tasheer, the medical fees & Enjaz fees). If you are to avail of the lounge service at the visa centre, there will be an additional charge of QR 335.
Note: If you apply for your visa through the Tasheer visa centre, your biometrics will be done at the visa centre itself, and you will not be required to do so at the Abu Samra Border.
The visa fee breakdown is as follows:

  • MoFA Visa Fee (Tourism): QR 306.00
  • MoFA Enjaz Fee: QR 41.00
  • MoFA Medical Fee (if applicable): QR 41.00
  • Service Fee – Regular appointment: QR 134.00
  • Lounge Service Fee: QR 335.00

Medical insurance

Saudi Arabia medical insurance

Medical insurance is a mandatory requirement to enter Saudi Arabia; therefore, you will need to get medical insurance along with the visa. Typically, the price of medical insurance starts at QR 36.5 ($10); however, may vary based on the insurance company chosen.
If you are applying for the visa through the Tasheer visa centre, your medical insurance fee will be included as part of your total payable visa fee.

Bahrain medical insurance

Medical insurance is not a mandatory requirement to enter Bahrain.

Vehicle insurance

Saudi Arabia vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance for Saudi Arabia can be purchased at the Abu Samra Border. The Abu Samra border is Qatar’s land border that is located on Salwa Road. It serves as a direct entry point to Saudi Arabia by road.

You can also purchase this insurance online prior to your travel using the designated ‘Najm Manafith’ application – Android | iOS

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