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Ministry responds to Frequently asked questions on food safety

MME - Food Safety

Food safety is an important subject and keeping that in mind, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) in Qatar has answered to some of the most frequently asked questions about food safety on its official website. Here are the FAQs and their response from the ministry  

Question: E.coli disease has spread recently, what are the reasons for the spread of this Disease and what are the methods of prevention?

Answer: for the first time, E.coli 0104 spread in Germany, Spain and other European Union Countries. The scientists ascertained the reason for the spread to be the contaminated bean sprouts from the E.coli 0104 bacterium. These bean sprouts were planted nest to the daily consumable vegetables leading to a transition of the bacterium from the beans to the other vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce and tomato. Such contamination led to the spread and there it is always advisable to wash vegetable and fruits before consumption. Using beans in salad must be boiled so that bacterium intervention can die from cooking well. The reason for contamination of the bean sprouts gets contaminated from fertilizers with the faeces of the animals.

Question: I am dealer of food and I would like to make some business offers on some food, what are the conditions that must be taken?

Answer: While making offers on food products, there are two types of offers that can be made –

  • Free Samples – for free samples, you need to submit a request of the owner of the business and also determine the length of the offer, location as well as the identification of the food item. Then it must be applied for the Market department to get the parking permit. After that, you must pay the fee for that and you have to take approval from the Department of Food Control in the municipality. Once it happens, the food inspector will inspect the place. The application will also require health certificate.
  • For special offers – for this, the food products must be allowed to put their offers before 3 months of expiration and then they must take approval from the Ministry of Economy to set the price and then get addition to the approval of the municipal department. Here, the health requirements, date of production and date of finish must be written properly.

Question: I am a seller of food and there are some foods will be expired (up to a month), what should I do?

Answer: the food products can be sold to the twelfth night of the date of expiration.

Question: What types of food contamination and what are the ways of transmission of infection?

Answer: In humans, the food poisoning happens due to eating of the contaminated food with microbes or chemicals in it that is eaten physically. They can be categorized as –

– Biology (Mikrobea): bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold.

– Chemical: Insecticides, cleaners / detergents.

– Material: glass, hair, adhesive bandage, wood.

Question: What are the ways of transmission of food poisoning?

Answer: the ways of transmission of food poisoning happens through three basic elements which are –


  • Dust can transmit germs
  • Insects


  • Who has direct contact with food.
  • Lack of attention to personal hygiene.
  • Transmission of microbes from an infected person for food.


  • Contamination with contaminated food with food last.
  • Non-completion when cooking food well.

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