MOI Qatar Visa Online Checking and Printing : Complete Guide ( 2023 )

MOI Qatar Visa Online Checking and Printing Guide 2023

To ensure the validity of your Qatar visa before traveling, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) offers a user-friendly online portal. All you need to begin is your passport, visa, or application number.

This article will guide you on how to check your Qatar visa status online using MOI. You’ll learn how to check the validity of your visa and track your visa application status on either the MOI or QVC websites. Additionally, we’ll show you how to print your Qatar visa from the MOI website.

Option 1 : In case you have been informed that your Qatar visa is being processed or has been granted but have not received it yet, or if you have been issued a visa on arrival and need to know its validity duration, you may verify your visa status utilizing your Passport Number.

Check Your Qatar Visa Status Online Using Your Passport Number

To confirm the validity of a Qatar visa, simply follow these steps on the MOI website:

Step 1 : Visit the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Here is the link to the MOI website.

Step 2 : Select the “Inquiries” option.

Qatar Visa Online

You can find this link under the “MOI Services” tab in the top menu. Alternatively, you can click on the button with a magnifying glass icon located in the middle of the homepage.

Step 3: Select on the “Visa Services” tab

Qatar Visa Online 1

You can locate the Visa Services tab on the left-hand side menu, which is denoted by a binocular icon

Step 4: Select on “Visa Inquiry and Printing”

Qatar Visa Online 2

The button can also be found under the Visa Services tab, and it is represented by a binocular icon.

Step 5: Input your Passport Number and select your Nationality.

Qatar Visa Online 3

If you don’t have the visa number, you can still check your visa status by entering your passport number and selecting your nationality.

Step 6: Enter the verification code and click “Submit”.

The verification code is a distorted number (captcha) displayed as an image. Once you have entered the code and clicked “Submit”, you will be able to view your visa details or status.

When your visa is valid, you can view various details on the website including your name, nationality, passport number, date of birth, gender, visa type, stay duration, date of issue, visa validity, visa status, passport validity, and sponsor details.

Understanding Qatar Visa Status and Their Meanings

Visa StatusMeaning
Valid To UseYour visa has been issued and is ready for printing, allowing you to use it for travel.
Ready To PrintYour visa has been approved, but the sponsor must pay the visa fee directly through the MOI website. or the Metrash mobile app.
Used Inside CountryYour visa has already been utilized for travel.
Transferred To ResidentYour entry visa has been converted to a residence permit.
Under Outside ProcessThe employment contract or other required documents are not yet finalized.
Under ProcessYour visa application is currently being processed.
RejectedYour visa application has been rejected.
Visa ExpiredYour visa validity has expired.
CancelledYour visa has been cancelled.
Sorry, Requested Visa Not FoundYour visa is currently not processed, or the information entered may be incorrect.

OPTION 2 : If you have received a Qatar visa from a travel agent or potential employer and want to verify its authenticity and validity for travel, you can check your visa status using the visa number provided.

Checking Qatar Visa Status Online using Visa Number

To check the status of your Qatar visa, follow the steps given below on the MOI website

Step 1: Visit the Visa Services section of the Ministry of Interior website.

You can access the Qatar MOI website’s Visa Services page through the link:

Step 2 : click on the “Visa Inquiry and Printing” option.

Qatar Visa Online 2

On the Visa Services page, you can locate the button with a binocular icon.

Step 3: Enter the Visa Number in the box

Qatar Visa Online 3

Please enter the visa number that you have been given by the travel agent or potential employer.

Step 4 : Enter the verification code displayed in the image (captcha), and then click on the “Submit” button

After clicking the “Submit” button, you will be able to view the visa details or visa

Option 3 : If you have submitted an application for a Qatar visa and wish to find out the approval status, you may verify it by utilizing your application number

How to Verify the Approval Status of Your Qatar Visa Application

To check the approval status of your Qatar visa, you can use the MOI website and follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Access the Ministry of Interior website and click on the “Visa Services” tab

Click here for the link to the “Visa Services” page on the Qatar MOI website:

Step 2: Select “Visa Approval Tracking” from the options available on the “Visa Services” page.

Qatar Visa Online 4

The “Visa Approval Tracking” option is located as the first button on the “Visa Inquiry” page.

Step 3: Input your Visa Application Number along with other necessary details.

To verify the approval status of a Resident Visa, you must select “Residency” and provide the application number and date on the appropriate fields.

Visa Application Number

To check the approval status of a Visit Visa, you need to choose “Visit” and input the application number as well as the nationality of the traveler

Step 4: Type in the verification code and then select “Submit”

Upon clicking the “Submit” button, the visa details will become visible for your viewing.

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