How to get a new Emirates ID in a few hours?

How to get a new Emirates ID in a few hours

Do you need to renew your Emirates ID? The Application Process has been made incredibly simple for applicants as the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security now allows you to complete the entire process online. Here are the steps to follow to obtain an Emirates ID, whether you are applying for your own or one for a dependent.

1st Step- Acquire the UAE Pass

Creating a UAE Pass account is highly recommended. Through the UAE Pass, which aims to shift towards smart government systems, you will be able to log into any government department’s portal without having to open multiple accounts. 

2nd Step- Make sure the documents are ready

During the process, you will need the following documents:

  • Residence visa copy
  • Front & back page of passport
  • Colored photo
  • Old Emirates ID Card – front & back

A copy of your own Emirates ID (front and back) would also be required if you are applying for a dependent’s Emirates ID.

3rd Step- Start the service online

If you wish to renew your Emirates ID, you can either do so through the ICA website – – or through its smartphone application – ICA UAE – available on Apple and Android devices. 

Login is required. If you choose the option to log in through UAE Pass, you will be redirected to the UAE Pass app on your phone, where you could enter your pin or use facial technology to verify your identity.

After your identity has been verified, you will be directed back to the ICA app or website, where you can now access your dashboard.

4th Step- Select an Emirates ID renewal service

You can renew Emirates IDs under the category ‘Emirates IDs’. This would include your ID and the IDs of your family and domestic workers who are under your sponsorship. Click on ‘Renew Emirates ID’.

5th Step- Upload the documents

After that, you will be prompted to upload documents, including the applicant’s photograph, old Emirates ID, and a copy of their passport.

Additionally, you would have to provide details on whether you would like the Emirates ID delivered to your home or office, or collected from an Emirates Post office near you. You will have to pay for delivery.

6th Step- Make the payment

Depending on the duration of your visa, you’d then be required to make the necessary payment. Because the Emirates ID and visa are linked, their durations are the same. For a two-year visa, you will need to pay Dh200 for card issuance and Dh40 for service fees. Golden Visa, which is valid for 10 years, costs Dh1,000 for issuance and Dh40 for service.

7th Step- Obtain a digital copy of your Emirates ID once approved

You will receive an email notification as soon as your application has been submitted. You can access your Emirates ID through the app once your application has been approved, which usually takes a few hours.

As well as new data security features, the new Emirates ID has a new look. You can use the digital copy of your Emirates ID to complete other processes, like applying for health insurance, etc. A digital copy of the new Emirates ID, which people can access via the ICA app, is required for identity verification by the ICA.

Once you have the digital copy of your Emirates ID, you can use it to complete other processes, like applying for your health insurance, etc. The ICA had asked all service providers to accept the digital copy of the new Emirates ID, which people can access through the ICA app, for identity verification purposes.

Final Step- Collect your Emirates ID in person

The Emirates ID application will be sent to the ICA for printing once it has been approved. As soon as it is printed, you will receive an email and SMS notification. After you have selected the option for delivery, your ID will be delivered directly to your address if you have paid for the option for delivery.

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