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Private Medical facilities closed for non-emergency health service

Medical violations

The Government of Qatar has closed down some private medical establishments and a clinic for allowing the care of the non-emergent patients against its previous orders that suspended non-emergent services at private facilities. The Ministry of Public Health has referred them to the Health Prosecution for proper inspection and to investigate their role in not allowing some non-emergency health services. The extreme measure was taken to give more attention to the Covid19 patients and to ensure the safety of medical staff. These violations were detected during the scheduled inspections by the ministry to the health facilities. It has by now closed five private medical centers and referred them to the Health Prosecution for final procedures.

In its meeting on 29th April 2020, the Ministry of Public Health had suspended the non-emergency medical services in private facilities including the including dental clinics, dermatology and laser clinics, plastic surgery clinics and surgeries. It had also decided to extend the suspension of services of diet and nutrition centers, physiotherapy clinics, complementary (alternative) medicine, home healthcare services except for long-term contracts, and people with special needs. The first order to suspend all non-emergency services to all private health facilities on 28th March 2020.

The Cabinet has now decided that the Health Ministry might permit some of the services only through the modern means of communication. The Ministry might also permit some services as the relaxation is put into the order.

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