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List of Qatar’s popular female lifestyle influencers

List of Qatar's popular female lifestyle influencers

Not only does India, America, or other countries have influencers, Qatar also has many influencers who update their audience with the latest happenings, tips about lifestyle, etc. However, the life of an influencer is not as easy as we think. They have two lives one personal and professional on social media. 

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Elmira Kahrobaie, originally from Iran, is a multifaceted individual who fulfills various roles in her life. She is a mother and a wife, bringing her family responsibilities to the forefront. Additionally, she has a background in the hotel industry and uses her expertise to engage with her followers as an influencer. Elmira’s online presence has garnered a substantial following, with over 16k people who actively follow her content.

Through her platform, Elmira shares valuable tips and tricks in areas such as beauty, lifestyle, plant care, motherhood, and fashion. Her intention is to offer daily glimpses into her life while inspiring the many women who are part of her family and daily interactions. Elmira considers her online community as an extension of her family and strives to keep them informed and updated through her regular messages.

When it comes to striking a balance between her social media presence and personal life, Elmira is mindful of the boundaries. She consciously reveals only a limited amount of information about her personal life, out of respect for her family and the inherent limitations that come with it. This approach allows her to maintain a sense of privacy while still engaging with her followers and sharing aspects of her life that align with her goals of inspiration and connection.


  • @elmirasworld



Fatima, with a substantial following of over 353k on Instagram, uses her platform to share beautiful posts encompassing fashion, beauty, family, and personal advice. She draws motivation from the essence of life itself and leverages her own experiences of achieving dreams and succeeding to inspire her followers. Fatima’s ultimate aspiration is to raise strong daughters who are unafraid to explore and experiment in life.

Maintaining a balance between her personal and professional life is of utmost importance to Fatima. She approaches this by organizing her day in a manner that accommodates her responsibilities and tasks. She actively involves her children in her work, seeking their opinions and making them feel like a priority. By engaging her children in her endeavors, she fosters a sense of cooperation and collaboration within the family dynamic. To further reinforce their involvement, Fatima creates special rewards for her children when they contribute to her work.

Fatima recognizes the significance of breaks and prioritizes them in her schedule. These breaks provide an opportunity for her to recharge and reconnect with her family. She ensures that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are shared together as a family, promoting a sense of connection and togetherness.

By implementing these strategies, Fatima establishes a harmonious balance between her work and personal life, while strengthening the bond within her family.

  • @fatimaablog



Husnaa Malik, hailing from the UK, uses her Instagram account to share a variety of content that resonates with her followers. She regularly posts delicious recipes, showcases her Outfit of the Day (OOTD), and shares heartwarming photos of her son, Khalifa. The online community that Husnaa has built serves as a source of motivation for her to continue engaging with her audience.

To ensure relatability in her content, Husnaa prioritizes transparency and honesty. Since becoming a mother, she finds it easier to connect with other mothers by sharing her experiences and insights related to Khalifa. By being open about the joys and challenges of motherhood, she establishes a sense of camaraderie with her fellow moms.

Husnaa goes beyond sharing only the glamorous aspects of her life and includes the everyday chores and tasks that are part of normal life. From washing dishes to attending events in full glam, she writes about and embraces all aspects of her life. By doing so, she presents a realistic and authentic portrayal of her experiences, allowing her followers to relate to her on a deeper level.

By striving for transparency, honesty, and relatability, Husnaa ensures that her content resonates with her fans. She acknowledges the value of sharing not only the highlights but also the everyday moments, fostering a genuine connection with her audience.

  • @eatsleepbefancy


M. Gazal Shaikh

M. Gazal Shaikh, a mother, fashion enthusiast, and lifestyle influencer, has garnered a following of 194k on Instagram. Originally from India, Gazal is a versatile individual who values the importance of maintaining control over her routine to achieve a balance between her career and personal life.

In her journey as an influencer, Gazal emphasizes the significance of authenticity. She advises aspiring influencers to keep their content as real as possible, as this authenticity helps in maintaining consistency over time. Acknowledging the highly competitive nature of the field, Gazal highlights the importance of creativity and originality. Creating engaging content requires significant time and effort, and she encourages newcomers to be patient and enjoy the learning process within their area of interest. With time and dedication, the desired results will follow.

Gazal’s advice reflects the understanding that building a successful presence in the influencer industry requires genuine and original content. By staying true to oneself, being patient, and continuously learning and growing in their chosen niche, aspiring influencers can increase their chances of achieving success in this competitive field.

  • @iamgazal


Kim Wyatt

Kim Wyatt, also known as Mama Baba Ganoush, is a renowned media personality in Qatar, hailing originally from Australia. She derives motivation from the act of sharing information that inspires, surprises, and motivates others.

Despite her success, Kim acknowledges the ongoing struggle to find a balance between her personal and professional life. She curates and styles content for her social media, but she also makes a conscious effort to post realistic images such as ‘before and after’ selfies and behind-the-scenes videos. This variety allows her to maintain authenticity and connect with her audience on a relatable level.

Recognizing the importance of setting boundaries, Kim understands the need to establish a separation between her personal and social media lives. By doing so, she ensures that her personal life remains private and protected, while still being able to engage with her followers and share content that aligns with her goals.

Kim Wyatt’s commitment to maintaining authenticity and setting boundaries in her social media presence demonstrates her understanding of the delicate balance required in the digital world. By finding this equilibrium, she can continue to inspire and motivate her audience while safeguarding her personal life.

  • @kimwyattofficial



Fatimah, the founder of the blog “New in Doha,” has built a substantial following of over 38.4k on Instagram. Originally from South Africa, she has spent more than a decade living abroad on three continents. Through her blog and social media presence, Fatimah aspires to inspire others to explore and discover more about Qatar.

As a content creator, Fatimah acknowledges the challenge of balancing work and personal life, especially since there are no set working hours in this field. She actively utilizes her phone, taking notes and capturing ideas wherever she goes. Additionally, she actively seeks out opportunities to ask questions and gather information to provide her readers with valuable insights.

Fatimah’s primary goal is to equip her audience with the information they need to lead fulfilling and well-balanced lives in Qatar. By sharing her experiences and knowledge, she aims to empower her readers to make the most of their time in the country and embrace new opportunities.

Fatimah’s commitment to constant learning and her passion for helping others live fulfilling lives in Qatar shine through in her dedication to her work as a content creator. Through her blog and active presence on social media, she strives to provide valuable information, inspire exploration, and foster a well-balanced lifestyle among her readers.

  • @newindoha


Rita Dahdah Fawaz

Rita Dahdah Fawaz, originally from Lebanon, utilizes her Instagram platform to share a wide array of topics with her audience of over 196k followers. Her content revolves around family, style, beauty, self-love, and lifestyle. Rita finds her motivation in inspiring others and shifting perspectives, aiming to make a positive impact on her followers’ lives.

In terms of relatability, Rita ensures that her content covers a diverse range of subjects that resonate with her audience. This includes simple yet beneficial beauty product recommendations, unique outfit ideas that reflect her personal style, as well as deeper topics such as parenting tips, relationship advice, and self-love. She also addresses overcoming hardships in life. When she receives messages from people expressing how much she has unknowingly helped them, it fuels her drive to continue creating valuable content.

Authenticity is a key aspect of Rita’s content strategy. She believes in keeping her content real and unfiltered, a quality that has been part of her nature since the beginning. She describes herself as the girl next door with a twist, bringing her unique perspective and approach to various aspects of life. It is this twist that keeps her audience engaged and interested in her content.

Rita Dahdah Fawaz’s commitment to inspiring others, providing valuable insights, and staying true to her authentic self is evident in her approach to content creation. By sharing her own unique perspective and experiences, she creates relatable and impactful content that resonates with her followers and leaves a lasting positive impression.



Sabrine, who hails from Morocco and The Netherlands, has cultivated an Instagram following of over 336k by sharing beautiful pictures from her travels and glimpses into her everyday life. When it comes to balancing her personal and social media life, she maintains a boundary by keeping certain aspects of her life private. While she shares daily moments and experiences, she refrains from revealing intimate details and prefers to keep a portion of her life and family private. However, she is open about sharing her favorite hangout spots, places to visit, and other small daily happenings.

Sabrine recognizes that social media allows individuals to express their creativity through visuals like pictures and videos. She believes that being creative has always been a part of her personality, and social media provides a platform for showcasing that creativity to a broader audience.

To align with her followers’ interests, Sabrine emphasizes the importance of staying connected with them. By engaging in question rounds, asking questions in captions, or using polls, she maintains a connection with her audience. This helps her understand their preferences and tailor her content accordingly.

Sabrine’s key advice for aspiring influencers is to remain authentic and true to oneself. By being genuine, followers will recognize the sincerity and extend their support regardless of the circumstances.

Overall, Sabrine’s approach to balancing her personal and social media life, understanding her audience, and staying true to herself aligns with the principles of building an engaged and supportive online community. By maintaining authenticity and connection, influencers can foster lasting relationships with their followers.


Sarah, originating from Egypt, curates an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed where she shares content related to fashion, food, and beauty. Starting her influencer journey was initially challenging for her, as it required finding a balance between her personal life, studies, and creating content. However, as time went on, Sarah found it easier to integrate her routine into her content and make it a seamless part of her lifestyle.

What keeps Sarah motivated is the energy she receives from her followers. Their interactions and replies, filled with love and positivity, serve as a source of motivation for her. Making a difference in society and positively influencing even one person’s life means a lot to her, which keeps her passionate about creating and wanting to give more.

In terms of keeping her content relatable, Sarah emphasizes the importance of interacting with her followers. By replying to their comments and getting to know them, she has developed a sense of community and considers them as friends and family. This connection allows her to understand their interests and preferences, enabling her to align her content with their expectations.

Sarah’s advice to newcomers in the influencer world is to trust the process. She suggests investing more energy into getting to know their followers, understanding their niche, and tailoring their content accordingly. Instead of pretending to be someone they are not, she encourages embracing and enhancing their unique personalities as the key to standing out.

Sarah’s approach to balancing her personal life and influencer journey, her focus on meaningful interactions with her followers, and her belief in staying true to oneself resonate with the core principles of building an engaged and supportive community. By valuing her followers and creating relatable content, she has established a genuine connection that drives her passion and success as an influencer.



Setareh, also known as Seti, is an Iranian influencer based in Qatar, with a substantial following of over 200k on Instagram. Her account serves as a source of inspiration for outfit ideas, makeup looks, and shopping recommendations. She considers her Instagram account as an integral part of her life and plans for it alongside her daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Viewing it as her 8-hour job, she rarely takes breaks from her social media presence.

Initially starting as a hobby, Seti gradually realized her ability to influence people, particularly within her close circle. As she dedicated more love and attention to her account and followers, she received it back in various ways, including financial support, moral encouragement, and emotional fulfillment. This positive feedback and reciprocity motivate her to continue on her influencer journey.

Navigating a diverse audience consisting of English, Arabic, and Iranian followers, Seti acknowledges the challenges of keeping up with their varied interests. However, she ensures that her captions relate to her audience, aiming to entertain and engage them. Recognizing that people follow her for beauty and fashion content, receiving feedback that her account makes them feel good brings her happiness. This becomes her goal—to spread positivity and create a space where her followers feel uplifted.

Seti’s advice to aspiring influencers is to remain authentic and original. She emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself because nobody else can have the same perspective or ideas. By sharing positive messages, both teaching and learning, and avoiding selfishness and negativity, influencers can pass on positive energy to others.

Seti’s approach to balancing her personal and influencer life, her dedication to engaging with her diverse audience, and her belief in spreading positivity and authenticity resonate with the core principles of building a successful and impactful online presence. Her passion for influencing and making a positive impact on her followers shines through in her advice to budding influencers.

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