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List of Qatar’s popular female lifestyle influencers

List of Qatar's popular female lifestyle influencers

Not only does India, America, or other countries have influencers, Qatar also has many influencers who update their audience with the latest happenings, tips about lifestyle, etc. However, the life of an influencer is not as easy as we think. They have two lives one personal and professional on social media. 

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Originally from Iran, Elmira Kahrobaie is a mother, a wife, a hotelier by training, and an influencer. Over 16k followers follow her and she shares fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood tips. In regards to finding a balance between her personal and professional lives, Elmira says she tries to reveal as little as possible about her private life, respecting her family and its limitations.

Both online and offline, she encourages her followers to be themselves. The purpose of social media is to share your message with more people, she says. Don’t try to create another version of yourself that’s not you. Be your person. Each person has a journey to success and achievements. Never forget why you started.

  • @elmirasworld


With over 330k followers, Fatima shares beautiful posts about fashion, beauty, and family, as well as life and personality advice on her Instagram account. She is motivated by life itself, learning from her experiences of achieving dreams and succeeding. “I want my daughters to be strong and not fear experimenting in life,” she said.

As far as balancing life and work, Fatima says, “I try to arrange my day according to what needs to be done, and I engage my children to work with me and ask their opinions so they always feel that they are my priority. When they cooperate with me, I create special prizes for them. I always take a break in between assignments. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a family to feel more connected.”

  • @fatimaablog


Husnaa Malik is from the UK, and she regularly posts yummy recipes, OOTDs, and photos of her son, Khalifa, on her Instagram account. The family Husnaa built online motivates her to keep doing what she does.

In keeping her content relatable to her fans, she says, “I try my best to be transparent and honest, since I became a mom, it’s been easier because I can relate to other mamas on everything Khalifa related.”. I also share all the normal chores of life, not just the glamorous events. I write about everything from washing dishes to attending events in full glam.”

  • @eatsleepbefancy


Mom, fashionista, and lifestyle influencer M. Gazal Shaikh has 194k followers on Instagram. Originally from India, this multi-talented woman says, “Keeping control of my routine helps me balance my career and personal life.” 

Gazal’s tip for those starting in this field is to keep it as real as possible. It will be easy for you to keep consistency if it is real. Be aware that it’s a highly competitive field, apart from everything else, it demands creativity and originality. Creating engaging content takes a lot of time. Hence, stay patient and enjoy the process of learning about the area you are most interested in. The results will come with time.”

  • @iamgazal


A well-known media personality in Qatar is Kim Wyatt. Originally from Australia, she is known by her popular name – Mama Baba Ganoush. Her motivation comes from sharing information that inspires, surprises, and motivates others. 

She says she still struggles to find a balance between personal and professional life. I curate and style content, but I also post realistic images such as ‘before and after selfies and behind-the-scenes videos. I need to have boundaries between my personal and social media lives.”

  • @kimwyattofficial


“New in Doha” is a blog founded by Fatimah. Currently, she has over 38.4k Instagram followers. She hopes to inspire others to explore the country more. She was born in South Africa and has lived overseas on three continents for more than a decade. 

She said, “being a content creator has no set working hours, so finding the time between work and personal life can be tricky.”. I am on my phone every minute, taking notes wherever I go, and asking questions wherever I go.” Fatimah strives to provide readers with information that will help them live a more fulfilling and well-balanced life in Qatar.

  • @newindoha

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