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Schengen Travel Visa Insurance Requirements 2023

Schengen Travel Visa Insurance Requirements 2023

So you are planning to visit Europe, if so, being a traveller you should ensure the protection against uncertain financial loss. 

To take care of uncertain expenses, having travel insurance has been considered as a financial support and convenience to continue travel journey with no problem at all. 

Visa Insurance Requirements for Schengen Visa

Health insurance for a Schengen visa must meet the following criteria:

Minimum coverage for medical expenses are mentioned below:

  • At least EUR 30,000 (equivalent to USD 31,600 as of January 2023).
  • All member states of the Schengen area must be covered
  • Coverage of costs that may be incurred in the event of repatriation for medical reasons, emergency medical condition, treatment, or sudden death.

The travel insurance company Europe Assistance issues the mandatory proof of insurance required when applying for a Schengen visa.

Even though travel insurance is essential, for all travellers to Europe, it’s not compulsory for everyone though. Travel insurance is mandatory only for travellers applying for a Schengen visa. 

Travelers in this group must always have the necessary insurance coverage for the entire duration of their stay in Europe, whether traveling to Europe for business, tourism, study, vacation or any other reason.

Foreign travellers visiting Europe who wish to travel to the Schengen area without a visa can, if they wish, purchase travel insurance of their choice. Highly recommended, but not required. 

The Schengen Travel Insurance plan “Schengen Plus by Europ Assistance” provides you with the insurance policy required for a Schengen visa and extended insurance for all travel within the Schengen area or the EU. Eligible countries include Schengen and EU countries such as – Romania, Croatia, Ireland, Cyprus. 

Travel Insurance is Mandatory when Applying for a Schengen Visa

A Provision (EC) No. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 has been established, entering into effect on 5 April 2010.

“…. Applicants for a uniform visa for single or multiple entry will prove that they are in possession of valid travel medical insurance to cover expenditure which might come-up due to urgent medical condition, or emergency treatment, death, or during their stays on the territory of the Member States. 

The insurance is valid throughout the territory of the Schengen member states and covers the entire duration of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum compensation amount is EUR 30,000. ”(…)

Who Should Have European Travel Health Insurance?

Individual or group visitors, tourists and business travellers traveling temporarily to Europe from countries requiring a visa.

European travel health insurance is easy and can be procured online here at low cost. 

Who Provides Travel Insurance for Schengen?

Above all, the health insurance scheme that you may already have through your employment agreement could potentially cover overseas medical emergency costs, though there are usually restrictions as to what is covered. Consequently, one should be aware of what to anticipate and what not to anticipate in the event of a medical situation in the Schengen region.

Commonly, travellers purchase a separate Schengen travel insurance policy for the days planned to be spent in Europe from a legitimate insurance company.

Make sure to select a firm that is certified and approved in the Schengen country you are intending to visit.

We suggest obtaining Schengen visa insurance from Europ Assistance or MondialCare. Both of these organizations are acknowledged by European Embassies and Consulates worldwide. You can also terminate it without charge.

What’s the Cost of Schengen visa Insurance?

Schengen travel insurance is very affordable, with prices starting at just €18-20 for a week’s policy. Ultimately, however, the cost of Schengen insurance depends on several factors, including age, desired insurance amount, travel length, and respective insurance company.

Europ Assistance travel insurance premiums are as follows:

     Duration of travel

Schengen(Schengen area only)
Schengen Plus(Extended protection, Schengen + EU countries)
up to 7 days18 EUR28 EUR
up to 15 days30 EUR49 EUR
up to 31 days46 EUR73 EUR
up to 45 days56 EUR85 EUR
up to 63 days72 EUR99 EUR
up to 90 days88 EUR125 EUR
up to 105 days107 EUR159 EUR
up to 158 days165 EUR239 EUR
up to 365 days285 EUR429 EUR

For information on how to get the economic Schengen insurance plan that best suits your needs, visit Europ Assistance or MondialCare.

Travel insurance for seniors traveling to Europe

If you are interested in procure travel insurance for seniors, click on the article – travel insurance for seniors and pensioners traveling to Europe.

Does the Schengen visa insurance plan cover COVID-19?

Yes, some Schengen insurance covers COVID-related illnesses provided you travel in accordance with your country’s government and World Health Organization (WHO) laws and regulations. COVID-19 insurance covers:

  • Health emergencies related to COVID-19, such as medical treatment, medication or hospitalization
  • PCR test 

Expenditures related to quarantine requirements such as accommodation expenses are not covered. 

COVID insurance coverage varies by policy. For example, XYZ covers medical and repatriation costs if you have COVID-19 and “related illnesses”, whereas MondialCare has COVID-19 and has a positive (but not negative) PCR test. 

On the other hand, some insurers do not cover expenses related to communicable diseases and pandemics, including COVID-19.

If an insurance company covers COVID related expenses, it will be mentioned in their terms and condition section, so make sure read such information. 

What to do If the embassy requests a Schengen insurance certificate with COVID protection?

If your insurance includes Schengen protection, this must be stated on your certificate. If your insurance policy does not clearly state that he has COVID protection, you can ask your insurance company to issue one.

Can I extend my European travel health insurance if I need to extend my trip due to travel restrictions due to COVID-19?

If your travel in Europe has been extended due to the COVID-19 travel restriction, and your travel insurance is about to expire, you can purchase new coverage or renew your existing coverage. Of course, you will have to pay extra for this. Check with your travel insurance company for rules regarding contract extension or renewal.

If I Need to Extend my Trip due to Airport Closures or due to Government travel restrictions, can I extend my European travel health insurance?

Each travel insurance company applies its own rules. Please contact our Customer Service or Support team for more information. You should be able to get a refund for your current policy or increase your existing travel policy.

As previously mentioned, before buying a different travel insurance plan for your upcoming journey to Europe, make sure that the one you already have doesn’t cover or reduce any overseas health crisis expenses. 

Also, confirm the terms and conditions of the insurance plan if it covers some international medical costs.

If you are motoring through the Schengen area and cannot bear the cost of extravagant sums of money in the event of an unforeseen car crash – or you are not happy to give away that much cash, you should think about buying bundled travel insurance, which covers medical issues as well as valuable belongings.

Given the destination, the threat of ailment can fluctuate with the changes in the atmosphere or the natural habitat (unfamiliar microorganisms). It’s highly recommended for people with pre-existing conditions, such as allergies, to bring their medical record from their personal physician describing the condition and the prescriptions used to manage it. In case one has a chronic illness, it’s wise to bring the necessary drugs in the quantity required for the days spent traveling in the Europe. 

What Policy Does Europe Travel Health Insurance Policy Cover?

A good European travel insurance should cover the following costs:

  • Emergency medical care (accident or illness) in the Schengen area
  • emergency evacuation
  • Repatriation of bodies
  • return of minors
  • Cancellation of trip
  • Interruption in travel 
  • Accidental death, or injury
  • Burial expenses abroad
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, or travel documents
  • Baggage delays (and urgent replacement of important items)
  • Flight connection failure due to flight schedule crash
  • Travel delays due to weather
  • If any hijacking occurs 

Generally, the insurers will reimburse pregnancy-related costs, in the event that the journey takes place in the initial three months. Afterward, insurance coverage differs from one insurer to another.

Travel Medical Insurance plans for voyaging to Europe that abide by Schengen Visa requirements can be acquired online directly from the website of Europ Assistance.

Is it Possible to Get Schengen Visa without Travel Insurance?

Anyone applying for a Schengen visa to travel to Europe must have a valid travel insurance, no matter for what reason one is travelling. For tourism, leisure, business, study or anything else, insurance is a must. 

Does my travel visa insurance need to cover all Schengen countries?

Yes, travel health insurance must cover all member countries which includes: 

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain , Sweden and Switzerland.

What are considered exclusions or options in a typical Schengen policy?

Every travel insurance company has different insurance policy. Some are there who provides additional cost if required. If not, you will need to take out additional insurance to cover explicit costs such as:

  • Pre-existing conditions (asthma, diabetes, etc.)
  • high-risk sports (skiing, diving, etc.)
  • Travel to high-risk countries (e.g. due to war, natural disasters, or acts of terrorism)

Acute onset of pre-existing condition – This means the sudden and unexpected onset of a pre-existing condition, without prior warning from a physician. In case, you have pre-existing conditions, one can get this coverage to protect against emergencies that rises due to pre-existing situation despite of taking care. 

How to Get the ravel Visa Insurance for Europe at Cheap Price?

Discovering the right affordable travel visa insurance for Europe necessitates specific and more thorough research. This calls for exploring online independently to search for the suitable travel insurance plan. It is advised that you compare products and firms before you select which one has the most reasonable and the finest travel insurance for the Schengen visa.

Something to be mindful of is the cost, as not all inexpensive travel insurance policies have low-quality services and not all pricey insurance policies include a top-notch offer. That is why, the safest way to decide amongst countless offers of travel insurance firms properly is by selecting not the most affordable travel insurance but the plan which covers all the aspects.

Why should you choose Europ Assistance or Mondialcare as your travel insurance partner when traveling to Europe?

  • All of these companies are frontrunners in the travel insurance industry
  • They meet all Schengen visa requirements

Perfect for 

  • Visitor or Guest (visitor visa)
  • Business travellers (business visa)
  • Tourist (tourist visa)
  • Group Traveller (Group Travel Visa)
  • Instantly download your insurance policy 
  • Refund in case of visa refusal (no charge required, subject to presentation of proof of visa refusal)

Obtaining your voyage visa protection from Europ Assistance or MondialCare will let you to savor your journey to the Schengen Zone and Europe with assurance.

Which Citizens Need to Buy Travel Insurance for a Schengen Visa?

Natives and passport holders of following mentioned countries are required to have travel insurance in order to apply for a Schengen visa:

AngolaGhanaPapua New Guinea
ArmeniaGuineaPalestinian Authority
BelizeIndonesiaSao Tome And Principe
BeninIranSaudi Arabia
BoliviaJamaicaSierra Leone
Burkina FasoKazakhstanSouth Africa
Burma/MyanmarKenyaSouth Sudan
BurundiKosovoSri Lanka
Cape VerdeLaosSwaziland
Central African RepublicLebanonSyria
Cote D’ivoireMalawiTogo
Dem. Rep. Of CongoMaliTunisia
Dominican RepublicMongoliaTurkmenistan
Equatorial GuineaNamibiaVietnam
North KoreaNorthern Mariana’s

Buy the medical travel insurance you need for your Schengen visa at very low prices from Europ Assistance or MondialCare.

Travel Health Insurance – What it is?

The notion of journey wellness insurance coverage pertains to managing your medicinal costs in the event of an accident or unexpected affliction that emerges while on your voyage. Whether you require medical coverage when travelling to a foreign land is dependent on the sought-after destination and the ability to personally finance any health care necessities during your stay in a certain foreign state.

Nevertheless, travel insurance is a requirement for many individuals, particularly the aged, people who have pre-existing medical issues and are subject to continual treatment or most significantly if the voyager’s goal is an underdeveloped area.

In addition to health-related expenses, travel insurance is intended to cover various losses that may occur during a journey, both domestically and abroad. Unforeseen circumstances such as lost baggage, unexpected flight cancellations, or bankruptcy of a travel agency or hotel can put a damper on your trip. To combat this, a travel insurance policy has been designed to provide compensation through full or partial reimbursement.

No matter if you plan to travel once or multiple times over a short period of time, the travel insurance policy will be tailored to match the exact number of days spent outside your home country, for example, within the Schengen area, and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

What are the General Restrictions and Limitations?

As already mentioned, international travel insurance companies do not offer insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. If you were ill before you left for Europe, consulted a doctor, already received treatment, and decided to leave the country, in this case you will not have the option of getting relief from your medical costs through your insurance company. However, if someone has been declared fit to travel and the illness is under control, in most cases travel insurance will cover unforeseen emergencies related to illness while traveling abroad, acute onset of pre-existing illness. need to do it.

Sports – Involvement in high-risk activities such as extreme sports like Scuba Diving, Skydiving, etc. can be excluded

War – Policy may exclude insurance coverage for war-related injuries when traveling to war zones.

Duration – Many policies mention a coverage period (e.g., 60 days) and the cost varies accordingly

International or domestic suicides are excluded from insurance policies and self-harm.

Insurance does not cover medical expenses in case of drugs, alcohol abuse; whether its domestic or international.

Is Travel Health Insurance Compulsory for Visa-free Third Country Natives Visiting the Schengen area?

Travel health insurance is not important for visa-free third country natives. However, it is highly recommended to get insurance when traveling to Schengen countries.

With Europ Assistance or MondialCare you can get European travel health insurance at a very reasonable price.

How Schengen Travel Visa Insurance can be Booked from the US or UK?

If you are applying for a Schengen visa in the US or UK, travel insurance can be booked directly online with Europ Assistance or MondialCare.

Once you have European visa insurance, insurance policy is downloadable which you need to submit with your Schengen visa application.

For additional information on European visa requirements and application processes for residents of the US, UK, Canada and Australia, please see the following articles:

Can you Choose Travel Insurance with a €0 Deductible?

It is not a mandatory to have Schengen travel visa insurance with 0 EUR deductible, however, to be 100% sure that your Schengen visa application will not be refused due to travel insurance policies, it is highly recommended to purchase the one. 

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