Complete Guide to Panda House Park Qatar

Complete Guide to Panda House Park Qatar

In 2022, the Panda House Park finally opened its doors to Qatar’s residents and tourists, much to the excitement and intrigue of the public.

Two giant pandas, named Suhail, a four-year-old male, and Thuraya, a three-year-old female, which were given to Qatar by China as a gift to commemorate hosting the World Cup.

We are here to tell you more about the “Panda House Park,” which was created specifically for the pandas upon their arrival in Qatar.

You will see a glass box that is the park reception before you reach the gates, and this is where you must present your admission ticket.

Tickets must be reserved in advance. You can continue after it has been scanned.

As you enter the park, a sculpture portraying the integration of pandas in Qatar will greet you. It has a panda, an oryx, and a desert rose, and beyond it are lush green garden areas.

Male Panda Garden and Female Panda Garden are two distinct viewing areas.

The pandas’ living quarters are encircled by the viewing area. The panda gardens are maintained as closely as possible to their natural environment. To make sure nothing is too weird for them, the grounds contain a pond, bamboo trees, and more.

The pandas may be seen via the glass of the viewing deck, and on the top floor, you can see them up close from a balcony.


You can stop into the café on the first floor of the Panda Zone for some refreshments.

Prices: The café’s hot beverages start at 15 QR.

Gift Shop

You may find panda-themed goods like notepads, mugs, and even plushies on the ground floor of the Panda Zone.

The Education Room is an excellent spot to stop if you are traveling with children to the Panda House Park. Here, kids may enjoy coloring some panda pictures and even get some face painting.


While there are numerous restrooms located around the park, prayer rooms and restrooms may be found in the Panda Zone. These can be found in the hallway that runs between the two gardens.

You can stop for pictures at a green space with a few miniature statues of pandas playing football on the approach to the Panda Zone.

Numerous stands selling food and drinks such karak, coffee, sodas, popcorn, burgers, and more can be found around the park.

Smona & Chai, Al Bidda, Hungry Panda, and BBQ Box are local businesses in the park. Prices for karak start at QR 2.

How to reach there

The park is roughly a 40-minute drive outside of Doha city in the city of Al Khor.

The park, which is close to Shamal Road and is along a straight path, is clearly marked with numerous signs that provide directions.

There are plenty of parking spots outside the park, including those designated for people with impairments.

While these parking spaces may seem like any other in a parking lot, watch for the panda paw prints that will make you feel good even before you enter.



  • Price: QR 25 (Child) and QR 50 (Children under 14 years old)
  • Booking tickets must be done through the OUN app (Android | iOS).
  • The tickets are not refundable and are only good for the day of booking.
  • City of Al Khor, Al Khor
  • Daily hours are 9 am to 5 pm.

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