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Timings: Metro train and Metrolink and Buses in Doha Qatar

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Qatar is presently simpler thanks to the opening of the view service of the three Doha Metro lines – Red, Gold, and Green. It has since been used by residents to go to work and visit main places just as by guests to attend football matches and festivities. Qatar Rail has even declared that a total of 333,000 travelers used the Metro during Qatar National Day. What an awesome feat for Qatar!

The Doha Metro timetable is as per the following: Saturday to Thursday: 6 am to 11 pm and Friday: 2 pm to 11 pm.

[UPDATE] As of January 16, 2020, Thursdays and Fridays timings are reached at 12 PM!

Yet, every station has its own particular timings for the first and last train. If you need to ensure that you will be on schedule for the train and your goal, scroll down to see the Doha Metro train timetable and Metrolink transport timing.

Snap HERE to realize which are the places you can visit in Qatar using Doha Metro!

Doha Metro train timings

  • First train timings below are for Saturday to Thursday(6 am) and Friday (2 pm)

Trains run exactly every 5 minutes.

The last suggested interchange at Msheireb station is at 22:25 (Sat – Wed) and 23:25 (Thu – Fri)


Here are new timings as of January 14, 2020:

Working Hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 6 am to 11 pm
  • Thursday: 6 am to 12 mn
  • Friday: 2 pm to 12 mn

Red Line – Lusail QNB to Al Wakra (and Hamad International Airport)

The Red Line has a total upto 18 stations with 17 at present working. Legtaifiya station is open one year from now. The line stretches 40 kilometers from North to South.

Trade: Al Bidda/Msheireb

Kindly note that as per Doha Metro, if you are coming from Al Wakra and headed for Hamad International Airport Terminal 1 station, you initially need to land on Oqba Ibn Nafie then take the train heading for Hamad Airport. Same as when you are coming from HIA station heading for Al Wakra, you need to change trains at Oqba Ibn Nafie station.

Gold Line – Al Aziziyah to Ras Bu Aboud

The Gold Line has 11 stations all at present working and enlarge upto 14 kilometers from East to West.

Exchange: Msheireb

Green Line – Al Riffa to Al Mansoura

The Green Line has 11 stations all at present working and enlarged upto 22 kilometers from East to West.

Exchange: Al Bidda/Msheireb

Travel times (estimated)


The travel time from Lusail QNB station to Al Wakra station is 39 minutes while Lusail to HIA is 38 minutes.

Hamad International Airport to Al Wakra takes around 13 to 15 minutes.

From Msheireb station, it takes 17 minutes to go Al Wakra while 16 minutes to get to HIA.


Al Aziziyah to Ras Bu Abboud takes 20 minutes. Msheireb to Al Aziziyah takes 13 minutes while 7 minutes to Ras Bu Abboud.


From Al Riffa to Al Mansoura takes 26 minutes. Msheireb to Al Mansoura is just 3 minutes while it takes 23 minutes to arrive at Al Riffa.

On account of the Metrolink service, Doha Metro clients can travel upto 2 to 5 kilometers of the train stations for FREE.

Here are the current Metrolink routes and the timing for the last transport. Metrolink runs every 12 minutes except during non-peak hours at Free Zone Station. Guides are available at Metro station passages, Qatar Rail website, and Qatar Rail App.

Metro Link Qatar

Red Line Metrolink routes and last transport timing


Here are new timings for January 14, 2020:

Working Hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 6 am to 11 pm
  • Thursday: 6 am to 12 mn
  • Friday: 2 pm to 12 mn

Time position: Sat-Wed/Thu-Fri

  • Lusail QNB station
  • M145 to Doha Festival City – 23:10/00:10
  • Qatar University station
  • M147 to Lusail Marina – 23:04/00:04
  • Al Qassar station
  • M103 to Onaiza – 23:06/00:08
  • M135 to Legtaifiya – 23:04/00:04
  • M141 to Legtaifiya – 23:05/00:05
  • M142 to Onaiza – 23:05/00:05
  • DECC station
  • M105 to Al Dafna – 23:02/00:02
  • Corniche station
  • M143 to Al Jazeera Media Network, Al Ahli Hospital, and Civil Defense – 22:57/23:57
  • Msheireb – Red, Gold, and Green Lines
  • M138 to Souq Waqif/Bank Street – 22:51/23:51
  • Al Doha Al Jadeeda station
  • M112 to Al Doha Al Jadeda – 23:06/23:54
  • M113 to Old Al Ghanim – 22:53/23:51
  • M114 to Umm Ghuwailina – 22:55/23:55
  • M115 to Najma and Fereej Bin Dirham – 22:53/23:53
  • Umm Ghuwailina station
  • M116 to Umm Ghuwailina – 22:54/23:54
  • M117 to Al Mansoura and Najma – 22:51/23:51
  • M118 to Al Mansoura and Najma – 22:54/23:54
  • M139 to Al Hilal and Nuaija – 22:54/23:54
  • Al Matar Qadeem
  • M120 to Al Hilal (South) and Nuaija – 22:55/23:55
  • M121 to Old Airport Area through Q-Charity – 23:00/00:00
  • M122 to Old Airport Area through Health Center – 23:03/00:03
  • Oqba Ibn Nafie station
  • M123 to Old Airport and Nuaija – 23:06/00:03
  • M124 to Old Airport – 23:01/00:01
  • M125 to Al Thumama (East) – 23:03/00:03
  • Free Zone station – transports run every 20 minutes
  • M140 to Barwa City and Religious Complex – 23:01/00:01

Peak (06:00-08:00 and 14:00-21:00) Freq : each 12 mins.

Off-Peak Freq: each 20 mins

Ras Abu Fontas station

  • M126 to Barwa Village – 23:06/00:06

Al Wakra station

  • M127 to Souq Al Wakra – 23:19/00:07
  • M128 to Al Wakra South – 23:19/00:07
  • M130 to Ezdan 4 to 7 – 23:19/00:07
  • M131 to Ezdan 3 and 8 to 11 – 23:19/00:07
  • M132 to Al Janoub Stadium and Al Wukair South – 23:10/00:10
  • M134 to Al Wakra South and Wakra Hospital – 23:19/00:07

Al Sadd station

  • M210 to Al Sadd Zone 38 – 22:57/23:56

Al Sadd and Bin Mahmoud stations

  • M302 to Bin Mahmoud – 22:55/23:55

Al Aziziyah station

  • M313 to Muaither – 23:04/00:04

Al Messila station

  • M208 to Madinat Khalifa South – 23:00/00:00
  • M209 to New Al Hitmi and Fereej Bin Omran – 22:57/23:57

Hamad Hospital station

  • M210 to Al Sadd Zone 38 – 22:57/23:57

Call 105 to discuss with Doha Metro’s client service. You can follow the following accounts in social networking for real-time updates: @metrotram_qa and @qrc_official.

Source: Qatar Rail and Doha Metro

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