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Tips to Get a Job in Qatar

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As we all know that Qatar is known as one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East. However, following the development of oil and gas resources, the country eye witnessed huge evolution and expansion. Qatar followed well-strategic economic strategies and put particular attention on the infrastructure. Nonetheless, the government of Qatar has been managing numerous initiatives to promote the whole economic sector of the country which will enhance the job probabilities for professionals and give individuals employment opportunities. 

However, the country has been trying to lessen its necessity in the oil and gas sector by investing in real estate, construction, hospitality, entertainment, etc. For example opening of the Mall of Qatar in December, last year boosted the requirement for a human resource covering many industries like retail, food, and beverage, entertainment, and hospitality. The opening of the Doha Festival City, one of Qatar’s biggest malls, will boost the same opportunities for job seekers. 

According to the Global Peace Index, Qatar is one of the most peaceful countries in the province. Adequate job availability with a safe and secure peaceful environment make Qatar the ideal destination amongst individuals looking for career opportunities abroad. However, getting a job in Qatar is not a piece of cake, especially for foreigners. Although, if you already make up your mind to get a job there nothing can stop you. We have described some tips that will help you to get a job in Qatar successfully. Read the whole article and let us know whether it was helpful for you or not!

Start Early

If you are a foreigner you should begin to start job hunting before leaving your country. You can look for job opportunities on the internet, search the companies who are recruiting currently and apply for jobs. There are plenty of jobs portal from where you can apply for jobs. However, you can also take the help of the employment section of varied regional newspapers online for the current vacancies. Nonetheless, contacting the Qatar Embassy for job opportunities is an ideal option.

Attractive CV/Resume

A resume plays a vital role in the recruitment process as they are the very first communication that occurs between you and the recruiter. Adjust your resume according to the job description of each and every vacancy that you are going to apply for. Try to reveal all the important details on the first page of your resume and make sure that it doesn’t increase to more than two pages. 

Form Connections

If you know anyone in Qatar, that person can help you to get a job faster. Try to reconnect with your friends, relative, colleagues and let them know that you are looking for a job. Somebody will definitely give you the lead. However, don’t hang back to walk into the office and ask directly for the opportunity. Send your resume to as many places and people as possible to enhance your chances of getting an interview call.

Attend Networking Events

Collet as much as details about the networking events and career fairs taking place in various cities and try to attend them. Networking events are one of the best ways to get information about job opportunities and connecting with professionals. 

Do not lose hope, if you don’t get your ideal job. Getting a first job in a totally new country is very challenging for everyone. However, getting a start is a great opportunity for your further goals and opportunity. Do it with all the motivation, the right attitude, and loyalty.

All the best!

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