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Top 5: Nature-Related Things to do in Qatar

scuba diving

The State of Qatar is a wonderful place to possess some one-of-a-kind experiences! And if you’re a nature lover, you’re in luck as this country has a number of most beautiful, scenic and experience-driven things to do . Here are a couple of things you can do in Qatar that cause you to feel like your one with nature.

Bird watching


Apart from the good Falcons of Qatar known to us, as per the Fat Birder, Qatar’s topography is home to a huge number of bird species, a few of which include the Indian Reed Warbler, Spanish Sparrow, Namaqua Dove, Gray Francolin etc. Qatar Birds Records Committee states that around 338 types of birds are seen in Qatar. Many are migratory and visit during the colder winter months, while few of them are seen throughout the year.

If ornithology is your passion and if you’d wish to place few of these magnificent creatures, the simplest periods to do between February to April and September to November. Flamingos are spotted at Zekreet while gulls, teal and mallards are spotted at Al Khor. Sealine Beach Resort, Ruwais, and Doha Golf Club are other spots famous for bird watching. As per the, the Al Thakira mangroves at Al Khor may be a good place to identify birds, particularly during the winter season.

Another user suggested a place, good for bird watching Irkaya Farm which is situated in the Abu Samra Road about 50 kilometres west of Doha. It is located on the flight path of many migratory birds and is a good place to enjoy watching a few special bird species.

The Qatar Natural History Group is a volunteer-run and a membership-based organization, bringing together people with basic interests regarding society, history and archaeology of Qatar. They also conduct normal talks, functions, workshops and take members on excursions which also include bird watching. to think about them and the membership details, visit

Kayak through the mangroves

Al Thakira

Natural greenery as mangroves are often found in Al Thakira on the coast of Al Khor. Kayaking through these natural wonders can bring a feeling of experience and excitement to anyone. it’s a good way to blend with the biodiversity around you and also learn about it. There are several tour operators and companies like 356 Adventures, Discover Qatar, Aqua Sports etc,. that provide special trips to the mangroves.

To know all about Purple Island at Al Khor and a couple of things to notice while kayaking here: Purple Island: a gorgeous natural wonder in Qatar that’s worth visiting!

Visit the Singing Sand Dunes

Singing Sand Dunes

This is probably the most special thing you’ll experience in Qatar. The Singing Sand Dunes are located about 40 km to the southwest of Doha. You’ll hear low-pitched sounds coming from the dunes, that nearly feels like a low humming. You’ll hear it while sliding down or pacing down the sand dune and it’s caused by the friction between the sand grains and air that blows.

Go desert rose scouting

The desert rose is a present cluster that’s formed out of gypsum or baryte and sand grains. It is mainly found in sandy deserts and may be spotted in Qatar. they’re usually found along the coastal lands, between a desert and the sea. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this wonder of nature in Qatar near Umm Bab and the northwestern expanse of the desert area. Please note that a few of these areas are protected and it’s advisable to go through tour operators only. Avoid learning the desert rose in their natural habitat as you would disturb the ecosystem. Did you know that the design of the National Museum of Qatar is inspired by this wonderful crystal? The ILQ team was successful in finding the desert rose crystals!

Enjoy scuba diving

scuba diving

Explore a new world underwater and be in awe of Qatar’s beautiful reefs, beaming with sea life like crabs, stingray, blue angelfish, sea bream, dugong, turtles etc. Tourism companies like Aqua Sports, 365 Adventures etc, will generally give you all the equipment, safety instructions and complete briefing before you scuba dive into the waters. There are many shore diving sites in Qatar like Mesaieed, Simaisma, Dukhan etc. Please note that this activity isn’t to be avoided expert supervision.

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