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What is the Grace Period for Residence Permit (RP) after Expiry or Cancellation?

What is the grace period for Qatar Residence Permit after it expires or is canceled

Qatari residents who live and work in Qatar are granted residence permits. It is usually the employer/sponsor who is responsible for obtaining the Residence Permit, also known as RP, for the individual. But do you know what happens after the expiration of your RP? Let’s know about it!

However, what happens after your RP is expired or cancelled?

Expired Residence Permit (RP)

The employer/sponsor can renew the expat’s RP within 3 months after its expiry date without paying a fine. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) allows individuals and companies to renew residence permits online in Qatar for one to three years, according to Hukoomi. Qataris, residents, and companies with Qatari Smart ID Cards can take advantage of the service. You can renew your RP three months before it expires.

  • Grace Period: 90 days
  • Penalty: QR 10 every day

How to renew your RP online

  • Log in to MOI’s e-services portal with your smartcard.
  • Select “Residency Services” then click “Renew Residency”.
  • Individuals: choose the QID to be renewed (maximum of five numbers at once).
  • To renew a QID number for a company, select the QID to be renewed (maximum twenty numbers at a time). Click “Add”.
  • Then, choose the period of renewal.
  • Next, choose the delivery method.
  • Finally, pay the renewal fee.

You can also renew resident permits through the Metrash2 application.

RP renewal fees

  • QR 500 for wife, children, and family sponsorships.
  • QR 1,000, for employees supported by companies, institutions and shops.
  • QR 300, employees on personal sponsorships, workers, farmers and sailors.
  • There is a 20% discount, at the particular situation three-year renewal (for personal sponsorship, companies, wife, childrens and family sponsorship).
  • An extra QR 20 to be paid, if Qatar Post is selected for delivery.

RP renewal tracking

You can check, if your RP has just been renewed through the MOI site:

Cancelled Residence Permit (RP)

When your manager/sponsor cancels your RP, you are permitted just 30 days to stay in the country.

Grace period: 30 days

How can I cancel my RP online?

You can cancel a valid RP for a person under a company or personal sponsorship online, according to the Hukoomi website. Residents, businesses, and organizations with Qatari Smart ID Cards can use the service.

  • Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of the MOI.
  • Click on “Residency Services” and then “Drop Residency”.
  • Enter the RP numbers to be canceled.
  • Pay charges online.
  • Print payment receipt.

Applicable charges for residence permit cancellation are as per the following:

  • For personal sponsorship: QR 20
  • For company sponsorship: QR 50

How should I know whether my RP is cancelled?

You can check the validity of your RP through this MOI’s website:

Returning to Qatar with expired QID due to COVID-19 restrictions

As per the Discover Qatar website, those with an expired QID. While they have been outside Qatar, might be allowed to re-enter Qatar to renew their QID after getting an Exceptional Entry Permit and successfully finishing the mandatory isolate period.

As per the MOI, residents who are outside the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic are exempted from fees because of the expiry of their residence allows or exceeding six months of stay outside the country.


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