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What procedures to follow while giving birth to a child in Qatar

What procedures to follow while giving birth to a child in Qatar

It is safe to say that you are an expectant mother or parent and need to find out about the rules and regulations of giving birth in Qatar for expatriates? We have collected all the information for you in one place and this is what we have for you.

Rules for giving birth in Qatar

The above all foremost condition for giving birth in Qatar is that under the Qatari Law, a woman must be married so as to give birth here.

For hopeful expat parents, giving birth in Qatar is a good decision as there are great care options with a variety of first-notch clinics and hospitals that will make your birthing experience as smooth as possible.

Because of the plenty of both public and private hospitals available in Qatar, you have to make certain to find your preferred hospital and doctor.

With a large number of public, private hospitals and clinics and the attached services, expats trying to get to maternity service need to start exploring their insurance policy to see which hospital is offering where you’re looking for a private hospital or clinic.

Pick the one which accepts your insurance and the one that fulfills your needs, in each stage of the pregnancy.

Services at Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the essential healthcare provider in Qatar and the hospitals under it, need a special notice as they are preferred by a majority of women in the country for giving birth.

They deliver successful care for pregnant womens and new mothers who are needing any kind of service as for maternity, delivery and also post-delivery. The Women’s Wellness and Research Center is Qatar’s biggest tertiary hospital devoted to women’s care.

They offer a scope of clinical services directly from preconception to childbirth, postnatal care and beyond.

Giving birth in Qatar

When your delivery time or date comes, the procedures for it and the birthing plan must have been confirmed with the doctor. These will be everything from who should be in the room, if it will be a characteristic birth or a C-section, how long are you likely to stay after birth.

Make sure to carry your :

  • Qatar ID
  • Wellbeing Card
  • Protection Card
  • Visa
  • Marriage Certificate

What should be expected when you go to a hospital?

  • When you know you’re pregnant or have confirmed it through a home test, you visit the health centre as indicated by your health card.
  • When you go to the doctor, the doctor takes a proper blood test to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Following this, an appointment for scanning is given, and from that appointments for regular scanning are offered by the doctor’s advice.
  • After 6 months, depending upon your condition you will be referred to a doctor at Hamad Medical Corporation.
  • At Hamad, a GDT test or a Gestational Diabetes Test is done as a normal check.
  • At around 38 weeks of pregnancy, a provisional date for delivery is given.
  • In most public hospitals, the husbands are not permitted to go with the wife during delivery yet it relies upon the hospital you pick. For instance, At Sidra Hospital, the husband is permitted both during natural birth and C-section, and they additionally permit up to two people for natural birth.
  •  After the conveyance, both mother and child are moved to a room. Based upon the condition, for open emergency clinics, the mother and child may probably be discharged following a day or two days.
  • The whole concept of HMC is to provide treatment at free of cost. But you may need to pay for a couple of sweeps and the room after conveyance.
  • After the confinement of the child, a logbook is given by the doctor where all the accompanying registration and clinical costs for the child is totally liberated from cost until the baby turns one.
  • During the period of discharge, the mother and child are generally provided a hamper as a salutary blessing from the medical clinic.

Follow some of the instructions of your primary care physician for post-natal consideration and also gratitude to Qatar’s endeavors, you can likewise settle on HMC’s baby screening test for the early determinations of the children who were brought into the world with different illnesses and issues.

Immunization for your child

Qatar always follows the World Health Organization’s antibody plan, which is executed as per the age of the youngster.

An aggregate of 12 unique antibodies (Bacille Calmette-Guerin, Hepatitis B, Hexavalent, Pentavalent, Hepatitis B, Poliomyelitis, Influenza Type B, Rotavirus, Oral Polio, MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis An) are booked for kids who are matured from zero to 12 years old.

Know about the timetable of an ideal vaccination for your child here:

Granting of birth certificate

A birth certificate is given to each and every baby who is conceived in the State of Qatar by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). It is necessary to be noticed that the kids who are destined to non-Qatari guardians are not consequently qualified for Qatari citizenship by the reason of birth in the nation.

Ostracized guardians are answerable for the enlisting of their kid’s birth into this world with their individual nation’s consulate and acquiring an identification. Not all the international safe havens have this alternative, so make a point to check with your individual consulate for the methodology.

The application for the habitation to grant for an infant must be submitted within 60 days from the birth of the child or the guardians face a fine or QR of 10 every day.

Here is the most recent declaration by MoPH with respect to issuance of birth endorsements:…

  • The enrollment office enlists all the birth certificates electronically and issues e-endorsements within a hour.
  • The expenses of getting each print of a birth certificate is QR 20.
  • New born children in Qatar must be reported by the proficient specialists within 15 days.

To find out more details about the records expected to get a birth certificate and the other systems in Qatar, click here:

Extra data:

Wellbeing Card in Qatar

Residents and inhabitants of Qatar can also apply for a wellbeing card to get any sort of  administrations at HMC’s medical care offices or clinics. Consultations or other non-emergency treatments may also cost extra but will be subsidized for those who hold a valid health card. It is advisable for expats to get one too, for gaining access to any kind of public hospitals or clinics. By getting a Health Card for QR 100, you get access to subsidized doctor visits, medication and treatment in public hospitals and clinics.

Apply for one by addressing to the guidelines in the connection here:

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