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Zakat al-Fitr revised to QR15 for each individual this Ramadan

Zakat Fund

The Zakat Fund which comes under the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs has urged the public to pay the Zakat al-Fitr on time reminding that the it comes as a duty of every Muslim whether young or old, male or female to help others as long as they have the means to do so. The request came in a statement released by the Zakat Fund where it has specified the amount to be given during this Ramadan Season 1441H as Zakat al-Fitr. The amount is equivalent to QR15 and it should be given before the Eid al-Fitr prayer so that the Fund can get delivered to the poor and needy ones.

The Zakat Fund reflected that the main principle on which Zakat al-Fitr is based is to take out from most of the people’s food, that is rice. The value of 2.5 kg rice, if paid in cash, comes down to QR15. The Zakat Fund will then receive the zakat al-fitr in cash and distribute it to those people who are needy and entitled to it as indicated to the Sunnah of the Prophet. As per the Islamic tradition (Sunnah), Ibn ‘Umar said that the Zakat al-Fitr was made compulsory by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on every Muslim including slaves, freemen, male, female, young and old. It equalled to one Saa of dried dates or one Saa of barley.

Those who are willing to pay the Zakat al-Fitr can do so by visiting the main collection offices as per the previous statement issued by the Zakat Fund. They have to pay to the fund while also maintaining the rules of social distancing issued by the Health Ministry so as to limit the spread of the deadly Coronavirus (Covid19). The Zakat Fund has places collection boxes across Qatar and one can know the location of such collection boxes by clicking on the following link –

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