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Best Barbecue Beaches in Qatar

simasae beach hotel
Simase beach hotel

Beaches for Barbecue-

Simaisma Family Beach

It is a small beach located in Al Dayeen Municipality. At only first glance, you will fall in love with the clean and intact water of the beach. The beach is also loved by children, as they can play and have fun there. This beach is the best spot for picnics, and families loved to come here for quality time. Do light up some grill, enjoy the barbecue, a lovely saunter by the waves, and swim with your friends and family.

Al Wakra Family Beach

Al Wakra

The beach is located 25-30 minutes away from Doha. Al Wakra Family Beach is an ideal spot for some quality time with family. The beach also provides the facilities of gazebos, umbrellas, benches with barbecue spots. Appreciate the quality hour with some grills at the beach.

Dukhan Beach

Dukhan Beach

Dukhan Beach is approx 80KM far from the city of Doha. The sandy shore of the beach is an ideal spot for barbecue and for quality time with your loved ones. Be careful while swimming as the beach is known for honed rocks underwater.

Zekreet Beach

Zakreet Beach is 45-50 minutes far from Doha. The region of Zakreet is well known for rock formations and public art by Richard Serra, known as East-West/West-East. The beach is also popular as the best spot for barbecues and camping. The beach is rockier than any other beach in the country and quieter than any other beach.

Al Khor Family Beach

The name itself prescribed for family beach providing bathroom & shower facilities for beachgoers. This is the second-best beach preferred by a lot of families as the beach is gigantic and hygienic. Beach also provides barbecue facilities at the beach. Beach is 45 minutes far from Doha and gets crowded during weekends.

Al Thakira Beach

Al Thakira

Al Thakira Beach is well-known for its mangroves and a broad expansion of natural greenery. Al Thakira Beach is also a popular spot for barbecue aside from fishing and kayaking. You can grill and cook with your loved ones and can spend quality time here. The beach is 50 minutes far from Doha.

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