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Top 5 Places to See Qatar’s West Coast

Zekreet Fort

Can’t you travel overseas? Getaway without having any permission to travel away by exploring more of Qatar. Need to escape and disappear? Schedule some of these trips for a simple weekend by the getaway from Doha! During this week’s Top 5, we’re starting with Qatar’s western side. Here are the top 5 destinations you’ll check out!

1. Zekreet rock information

Zekreet rock

Zekreet is home to the mushroom-like rock formations of Ras Abrouq which are a sight to behold. These limestone rock formations shaped by the strong winds are what make the desert landscape unique. It’s not just a popular destination during the day time, but in addition around night time particularly astrophotography lovers and those who need to stargaze.

2. East-West/West-East


Drive further into the area and you’ll come across the towering public art installation by Richard Serra. The famous “East-West/West-East” has been vandalized and that’s the reason Qatar Museums is calling everyone to make sure that the public art can be enjoyed in the future generations. The model comprises four steel plates spanning over a kilometer.

3. Film City

Film City

Compared to a phantom town, Film City found further is also worth a stop. The uninhabited site is a recreation of a traditional village although the real motivation behind why it was built remains unclear. Some say it was a Hollywood film set, some say it was for an Arabic film, and others claim it was used for a FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar promotional video.

Note: Reports from our followers who have recently visited Film City said that Film City is currently closed right now.

4. Zekreet Fort

Zekreet Fort

Zekreet Fort (Heritage Area 689) is found near Dukhan on the west coast of Qatar, which was built in the 18th or early 19th century. The post has an exceptionally specific design that permits seeing the two distinct periods of development. At first, the fort was built as a basic square without towers in each corner. In case, during the reconstruction stage, towers were added at the external four corners of the fort.

5. Dukhan Beach

Dukhan Beach

Dukhan Beach is well known among residents and citizens alike in view of its soft sand and clear waters. Beside swimming, families also prefer to watch the sunset and barbecue at this beach. Try to make sure to bring provisions and dispose of your trash properly. Dukhan Beach can be reached by a normal car.

Getting there

The greater places in Zekreet need a 4×4 vehicle to get around. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can book for tours through these tour agencies: Doha Bus, 365 Adventures, Inbound Tours, and Qatar International Tours.


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