Chinese Interpretation of Facial Moles

Chiness Moles

Auspicious Meaning of Hidden Moles

The positioning of moles is believed to have a significant impact on a person’s fortune. Moles are categorized into two types: obvious and hidden. Obvious moles are those located on the face, while hidden moles are found in other parts of the body, such as the eyebrows, beard, and hair. Hidden moles are typically considered auspicious, while obvious ones are believed to be inauspicious.


As per Chinese face reading, round and raised moles with bright, pure red or dark black colors are considered auspicious, and they are often seen on emperors. On the other hand, moles that are gray, brown, yellowish or have mixed colors are generally considered inauspicious. Red moles that are visible on the face are believed to bring good fortune, while black moles that are hidden in the body are considered auspicious for excellent fortune.

Interpretations of Facial Moles on Various Areas

It is common for some people to have thick and black hair growing on their moles, which can appear unappealing. However, in Chinese face reading, the presence of hair on a mole can indicate good fortune. Plucking the hair from a mole is considered bad luck, as it may disturb the energy flow associated with the mole. Therefore, it is advised not to pluck hairs from a mole, as it can bring negative consequences.

Interpretations of Moles on the Head Top

A mole located on the top of the head is believed to symbolize lifelong good luck that others envy. This type of mole is often difficult to spot unless the person is bald. It is said to have the ability to turn ill luck into good fortune and potentially save the day.

Moles on Forehead: Interpretations and Meanings

A mole on the forehead suggests average luck, a weak relationship with relatives, a high possibility of being away from hometown, limited support from elders and superiors, and a hard life. However, if the mole is located right at the center of the forehead, it indicates mental maturity, no shortage of material things, and peaceful and happy later years. For women, such a mole represents good luck for wealth but setbacks in love relationships.

Moles on Cheek: Interpretations and Meanings

A mole on the cheek is associated with legal issues. Those with such a mole are independent and can achieve their goals on their own. However, they may lack consideration for others and appear self-centered, requiring them to pay more attention to their interpersonal relationships. If the mole is in an inauspicious location, it may indicate a high likelihood of being disliked by those around them.

Moles on Chin: Interpretations and Meanings

A poorly-shaped or gray-colored mole on the chin is an indication of an unstable life with no fixed abode, including frequent job changes or moves. After middle age, individuals with such a mole will experience frustration and worry about their children’s issues. On the other hand, if the mole is of good quality, it suggests that as they grow older, people will enjoy a stable life, good fortune, and a prosperous family.

Mole Between Eyebrows – Meaning and Interpretation

In Chinese face reading, the area between the eyebrows is known as the Career Palace, representing career development and advancement. A favorable mole in this area indicates a successful career in the future. However, a dark or bad mole suggests the possibility of serious marital or emotional problems around the age of 28. Although these individuals may enjoy good luck, they should be cautious and not neglect important matters.

Moles on Eyebrow: What Do They Mean?

According to Chinese face reading, a mole on the eyebrow is considered highly auspicious as it suggests good luck for wealth and longevity. People with such a mole are known to be serious, responsible, kind-hearted, public-spirited, and talented in show business. If the mole is in good condition, it indicates assistance from others. However, if the mole is in a bad condition, it suggests limited support from siblings.

Mole on Upper Eyelid: Meanings and Interpretations

A mole on the upper eyelid generally suggests a life without a fixed abode, with frequent house moves, as the person likes to be free. If the mole is good, it implies that the person can seize opportunities and turn bad luck into good. However, if the mole is bad, it suggests that the person’s resistance towards their boss or elders may lead to missed opportunities for development.

Moles on Lower Eyelid – Meanings and Interpretations

According to facial mole reading, a mole on the lower eyelid indicates potential difficulties or setbacks in love relationships, and one should be cautious of the presence of a third party in a relationship. It also suggests that after marriage, the individual may frequently worry or suffer from issues regarding their children, which may affect their relationship with their spouse and could even lead to divorce. However, if the mole is considered good, it represents the potential for having many children and grandchildren.

Mole on Outer Corner of the Eye – Meaning and Interpretation

A mole on the lips indicates a person who is charming and has good luck with the opposite sex throughout their life. However, they may experience short-lived relationships and may face obstacles in their first marriage. If the mole is black and bright, it signifies good luck and support from the opposite sex in a career that requires frequent interaction with them. Women with such a mole are likely to attract men, and they need to be careful in their choices.

Moles by the Side of Nose: Meanings and Interpretations

A mole located by the side of the nose is generally associated with a frivolous personality. People with such a mole tend to have a scattered mindset, which can negatively impact their career development. They may have a tendency to gain the trust of others easily, but their financial situation may be unstable due to their tendency to squander. However, if the mole is in a very good position, it may symbolize good luck in their career and strong adaptability. After middle age, they may have better luck and lead a peaceful and happy life.

Moles on Nose Tip: Meanings and Interpretations

A mole on the tip of the nose is believed to be a positive omen of wealth and prosperity coming from various sources. Men with plump nose wings and a thick nose tip may experience good luck for wealth if they have an obvious mole on the nose tip. A sudden appearance of a black mole can indicate that wealth will come soon. However, a mole at the lower end of the nose tip may indicate several marriages and divorces due to lust and is considered a sign of bad luck for wealth. Similarly, a mole on the nose wing is thought to represent financial loss.

Mole above the Mouth : Meanings and Interpretations

Individuals who have a mole above the mouth are believed to have the potential to give birth to twins once they are married. Women with a mole on their philtrum may experience difficulties during childbirth. Additionally, these individuals may struggle with adapting to their environment and feel trapped in their lives. Nonetheless, if the mole is in a good position, it is considered an auspicious sign, indicating good fortune in terms of financial stability and a fulfilling spiritual life without any worries about basic necessities.

Meaning of Mole below the Mouth

A mole located below the mouth is an indication of a life spent moving from place to place. As a result, people with such a mole are advised against investing in real estate, even if they are wealthy. If the mole is of a good type, it suggests a comfortable life. However, if the mole is located right in the center below the mouth, it indicates that the person may lack willpower but is thoughtful and decisive.

Meanings and Interpretations of Moles on the Upper Lip

Individuals with a mole on their upper lip are emotional and empathetic towards others. They possess a charming personality and have a large social circle. They often receive affection and are paid well for their work. However, they must be cautious about overindulging in food, which can be detrimental to their health.

Mole on Lower Lip : Meaning

Individuals with a mole on their lower lip are known for their family values and culinary skills. They are usually meticulous eaters and are often considered foodies, but they lead busy lives. They are attractive to the opposite sex and may find themselves entangled in love triangles.

Moles on Ear – Meaning and Interpretation

Having a mole on the ear is considered a lucky sign! It suggests that the person is gifted, sharp-minded, and fortunate. Such people can easily take advantage of opportunities and achieve great success, accumulating a lot of wealth over time. However, if the mole is in a bad type, it can indicate a stubborn and unpredictable personality, leading to misfortune and bad luck.

Mole behind Ear – Meaning and Interpretation

A mole located behind the ear may indicate different meanings depending on its position. If it is on the upper part, it may suggest a strained relationship with parents. If it is in the middle, it may be a sign of being taken advantage of by others. And if it is on the lower part, it may indicate a lack of luck in accumulating wealth throughout life.

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