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Economy of Qatar

ECONOMY of Qatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest nations in the world in terms of GDP per capita. It’s economy is exceptionally reliant on oil and flammable gas extraction which represents more than 50% of GDP, 85% of fare income, and 70% of government income. Since demonstrated oil and gas saves are evaluated to continue current creation levels just for the medium run, the government has been putting forth new activities and attempts to differentiate the economy into a sustainable long-term income.

In this article, we have aggregated few information that you have to know about the Economy of Qatar.

Qatar Economy- How It Evolved?

As per, Qatar’s monetary freedom score is 72.6, which makes it the 28th freest economy in the 2019 list.

Starting in 2018, it is the second biggest exporter of gaseous petrol and has the third’s biggest proven natural gas reserve.

Although the fact that its economy was in a ruin from 1982 to 1989, it got a lift in 1991 as Phase-1 of North Field Gas improvement got finished. With this, it likewise experienced numerous progressions to resonate with the changing scene’s economy.

Its agreeable relations with different nations have additionally helped its foreign trade exchange to develop, particularly in the Asian markets.

Further, to manage the force of its financial turn of events, the nation receives adaptable economic policies that are designed to support local and foreign investment. The policies remember help from obligations for imported machinery, well developed infrastructure, and nominal land rent cost in the industrial areas. It appears that Qatar’s economy will develop as the market grows, and the nation makes progress toward more noteworthy financial self-governance.

Along with this, the Qatar government currently centers around controlled economic development that suits the size of the nation.

Parts of Qatar’s Economy

Financial Assets

In 2017, Qatar’s GDP was about US$167 billion. Be that as it may, according to the IMF forecast, it will develop at a 7% yearly rate, and will also be boosted by spending done on the 2022 World Cup. Indeed, the expansion will stay stable and is projected to be a little over 2% throughout the following five years.

Further, Qatar has put resources into natural gas dealing with offices, which incorporates bringing natural gas into the US and afterward trading the creation to different nations. The investment comprises $45 billion in the United States, and will likewise put $10 billion in US infrastructure.

Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is additionally dedicated to contributing some level of the all out riches finance in the U.S. The main reason for reserve and interest in the U.S. is to guarantee the individuals of Qatar are secured against future economic shocks if any.

Open Markets

As distributed in, the components of open markets include:

  • The joined estimation of both import and export is 89.1 percent of GDP.
  • The normal applied tariff rate is 3.4 percent, yet starting in 2018, there were two non-duty measures in power.

Further, Qatar’s financial area stays serious, and development in financial services has additionally added to the economic diversification.


Since 1970, the administration of Qatar has consistently talked about diversification. With this, they mean the improvement of elective industries and service so the country’s dependence on hydrocarbon products can be diminished.

Regarding Agriculture, one of the practical steps that are taken incorporates the agreement with the University of Qatar to present a program through which national cadres can be told in agricultural sciences.


According to Qatar National Vision 2030, one of the objectives for a better socio-economic future of the nation includes having a world-class infrastructure backbone.

The estimate that is the set for Qatar’s significant infrastructure projects is 21.6 billion USD. However, the improvements include:

  • A 2.7 billion USD Qatar-Bahrain highway, which will interface Qatar with the island state of Bahrain.
  • Development of New Doha International Airport is already done.
  • A German firm, Deutsche Bahn additionally plans to design Doha Metro. Presently, it is under development and is planned to get operational by mid-2019.
  • A cargo connection to Saudi Arabia will also be built that will connect the urban center of education city, west cove, and the lusail.

All these tasks are made so the nation can move away from dependence on energy and head towards an expansive based economy.

In any case, starting at now, Qatar has a road network of 7,790 kilometers; out of which, 1,107 kilometers are cleared. The whole system is connected to Hofuf in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Work Force

The joblessness rate of the nation is low as 3.2 percent. There are some economically inactive people, however most of them are students.

Non-Hydrocarbon Foreign Trade

Starting in 2016, Qatar used to export nearly US $495 million of steel and iron and the US $1.14 billion of aluminum. The imports also included the transfer of foods (9% of total imports), and in that year, it was $2.9 billion.

Qatar Coping with its Economic and Eiplomatic Embargo

June 2017, a ban was presented by four neighboring nations – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates – blaming Qatar for supporting terrorism, a charge Qatar strongly denies.

Prior to the blockade, as much as 60% of Qatar’s imports are assessed to have gotten through the nations presently boycotting it, especially its food supplies, so the administration needed to act quickly to make sure about elective flexible courses through Turkey and Iran. Almost two years of blockade, it appears as though Qatar has figured out how to adapt very well and become independent.

To help abroad interest in Qatar, lately the government has announced economic reforms related to labour laws, unique economic zones, privatization and higher foreign ownership limits that it says will make it simpler to put and work in the nation.


The Qatar government is already utilizing oil and gas to get the general economy to the following level. Along with this, the modernization of the nation’s infrastructure is additionally clearing a path on which the economy can create. Besides, as indicated by the ‘Qatar National Vision 2030’, the addiction of education, fossil fuels, and environment friendlessness will also support Qatar’s economy.

Throughout the following years, it is normal that the Qatari economy will be changed into something that is centered around very good quality technology and industries. But not to forget, the main effect on this nation will consistently be from costs and production of natural energy.

Presently, everything we can do is looking how the economy of this nation rises

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