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Steps to print Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP)

Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP)

 In this time of pandemic, everyone is going through a rough phase. Many people have been stuck away from their country, family and loved ones due to the restrictions of COVID-19 and many are willing to travel outside the country but have fear if they can go and return without being stuck. To tackle this problem, Qatar government started a service called Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP) which helps the residents to travel outside the country.

What is Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP)?

Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP) is a temporary service provided by government to the residents. This service can be used by people who are stuck in another country due to the imposition of restriction of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The service can be used by employers, whether government or private sector, individuals or companies, to apply for an entry permit for residents. They can also submit an entry service request for their family members.

Where can residents who are currently in Qatar get the EEP from?

Residents who wish to travel and return and currently in the Qatar will automatically get an exceptional entry permit upon departure.

How long is the validity of the permit?

It is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

What are the steps to print the EEP from MOI’s Website?

These are some easy steps you need to follow to print the Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP):

  1. Open the Ministry of Interior website


2. Select ‘Inquiries’.

3. Then next select the ‘Exit & Entry Permits’.

4. The next step is to select ‘Print Exceptional Return Permit’.

5. Then fill your QID number and residency expiry date and submit the form.

Now that you have successfully submitted the form, you can print the permit.

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