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How to Apply Driving License in Kuwait

How to Apply Driving License in Kuwait

Do you love the driving vehicle and enjoy a long drive with a close one, but do not have a driving license? So you don’t have to worry about anything. Today we are here with the shole procedure for driving license in Kuwait. You can apply for a driving license by following these steps. Thus, read the whole article and let us know about it helps you or not!


  1. Degree holder
  2. 600 KWD or above 600 KWD salary
  3. A citizen of Kuwait from 2 years and above
  4. Your present job title should be excepted with the 600 KWS salary support(doctor, engineer, accountant, MOH nurse, etc. )

After being eligible, your next steps should be

  1. Visit translate center with the copy of izn-e-amal and original ID Card to fill the form of driving license
  2. Bring 3 passport size photos that have a blue background in the photo
  3. Submit the form of driving license to your office to get signed with the copy of authorized signatories
  4. Your degrees and translation should be attested from the Embassy, Foreign Affair and Ministry of Justice
  5. You should have your original passport and civil ID and their photocopy too

After documentation, your next steps should be

  1. You have to submit your all documents to Muroor. The officer will verify all the documents. After verification, they will provide you form of eye test.
  2. You have to show the eye form to the government eye clinic and hand over the paperback to Muror and they will take a 10 KD stamp on paper. 
  3. After submitting an eye test result, they will click your photo
  4. After that, they will provide you a green paper known as ‘istimara’
  5. You have to submit your green paper to any Kuwait’s driving school
  6. You can schedule your driving test from muroor after the driving lesson.

Day of the driving test

  1. Be on time or try to arrive early on the test day
  2. Before the practical test, you have to give a theoretical test
  3. After clearing the theoretical test, you can give a practical driving test after clearing that your license will be finalized.

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