30 Interesting Facts of Kuwait

Top 30 Interesting Facts of Kuwait

As we all know that Kuwait is famous for popular islands and other things. Today we are going to discuss a few interesting facts about Kuwait city. So without wasting any further minutes let’s check out these facts.

Kuwait is mostly known for the oil it sells out every year and we are going to discuss these kinds of more facts about Kuwait, which might amaze you. So read the whole article for amazing facts about Kuwait.

  1. Kuwait memorialized its National Day on 19th June till 1962. However, it changed to 25th February to evade the warm weather of June.
  2. Sheikh Abdullah became Emir of Kuwait on 25th February 1950. 
  3. Kuwait is known as the world fifth’s most extensive oil supplies.
  4. Falcon is the national bird of Kuwait.
  5. Kuwait has 1.43 males for every female.
  6. Kuwait became the first country to add the sport of camel racing with the help of remote-controlled robot jockeys in 2006.
  7. Kuwait has won two Olympic bronze medals at trap shooting, for Fehaid Al-Dehani.
  8. During the month of Ramadan, drinking, eating, loud music, dancing during daylight hours, in public are prohibited.
  9. Kuwait does not have any natural water resources, which is the only country in the world. However, in 2005 Kuwait open its very first grass golf course.
  10. Kuwait encompasses nine islands which are a great source of oil desserts. It is formally known as the “State of Kuwait.” The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city, located in Kuwait Bay.
  11. Kuwait is one of the warmest countries in the world between June to August. There were also many sandstorms each year.
  12. The Kuwaiti dinar is an official currency of Kuwait, which means ‘Fortress built near water.’
  13. You can see the symbol of falcon everywhere especially on the stamps and currency.
  14. Kuwait is also known as the second-most open economy in the Middle East. In terms of per capita income, Kuwait is the fourth richest country in the world.
  15. The export revenue of petroleum and petroleum products is approx. 85% and 80% of government income. Apart from petroleum, primary industries involve construction, shipping, cement, water desalination, constriction materials, and financial services.
  16. The ethnic groups in Kuwait are Kuwaiti, other Arab, South Asian, and Iranian.
  17. In the 1930s, Kuwait’s oil fields were explored and utilized for the first time.
  18. In the 1750s, Kuwait grew under the authority of the Al Sabah family, with the semi-autonomy from the Ottomans.
  19. In the 1920s-30s, borders between Kuwait, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia were agreed upon.
  20. In 1961, Kuwait became a member of the Arab League and in 1963 member of the United Nations.
  21. In 1899, Kuwait signed the Special Treaty of Friendship with Britain to block the events of Ottoman direct rule.
  22. Kuwait was the very first Arab country in the Gulf to have an elected parliament.
  23. In 2005, complete political rights were granted to women for the first time in Kuwait.
  24. Kuwaiti cuisine is essentially made from the staple product of rice.
  25. Kuwait is also known as one of the smallest countries in the world.
  26. Kuwait doesn’t have any townships or colonies.
  27. The National Library of Kuwait has approx. 150,000 volumes among which 90% are in Arabic. 
  28. In a survey, 34% of Kuwait’s population live in apartments, 65% in houses, and 1% in industrial areas.
  29. Kuwait attracts a huge no. of immigrant’s population, brought by jobs, free education for children, and free medical care.
  30. Kuwait national anthem is written by poet Ahmad Meshari Al-Adwani.

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