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World Tallest Building in Kuwait

World Tallest Building of Kuwait

As we all know that Kuwait is famous for many things like its production of petroleum and oil, its islands, and etc. But do you know Kuwait is also famous for its tall, and beautiful buildings. From where you can mesmerize your eyes with these amazing scenery. So let’s jump on these wonderful tall buildings to learn about them. Do read the whole article for details.

City of Silk

The Burj Mubarak Al- Kabir is located in Madinat-al-Hareer, also known as the City of Silk.Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir is 1,001 meters tall. The city of silk is an advanced 250 square kilometer well organized urban area in Subiya, Kuwait, opposite Kuwait City. The area accommodates Burj Mubarak- al- Kabir that is 1,001 meters tall, twice the height of Taipei. However, it is the world’s tallest building on record.

  • The height of the building is 1,001 meter.
  • The height of the roof is 900 meter.
  • The height of the top floor is 897 meter.
  • The height of each floor is 250 meter.


World Tallest Building of Kuwait (1)

Madinat-al-Hareer is an advanced 62,000 acre well organized urban area located in Subiya, northern Kuwait. On top of the construction, it would cover the Burj Mubark-al-Kabir, 2 square KM nature reserve, a duty free area beside a new airport, as well as a huge business center, conference areas, environmental areas, athletic areas, and area that focus on media, health education, and industry. 

The City of Silk will also involve various tourist attractions, hotels, spas, and public gardens. The city will be constructed in insulated phases with the total completion within 25 years. The work will cost approx. 25 billion Kuwaiti Dinars. However from 2014 the Silk City project is on hold.

The government of Kuwait confirmed an order generating a body in charge of developing Silk City and Boubyan Island in June 2014. The government also agreed on a cooperation agreement with China on the same and on its economic belt. 

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