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How to Apply : Qatari citizen, resident, and visa?

How to Apply Qatari citizen, resident, and apply for a visa

Are you Qatari? No? But you want to be a citizen of Qatar and get residency? Don’t worry! In this article, you will get all your answers related to citizenship, residency, and how to get a Qatar visa. Let’s find out your answers.

Citizenship, Visas, and Permanent Residency

Qatar welcomes visitors from all over the world via the different types of visas issued by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior for various reasons, such as study, work, and tourism. Although some of them come to Qatar for the same reason, obtaining a residence permit is required as long as they meet the requirements. It has happened that some people spend years in Qatar and eventually get permanent residency in the country of citizenship.

Make sure you check all relevant details and terms to obtain the required approval before applying for a Qatari entry visa, Qatari residence permit, or even Qatari citizenship and passport.

Entry Visas to Qatar

MOI provides different kinds of various visas for various purposes. Following are some of the important types of visas.

Tourist visa

Do you know there are 3 types of tourist visas? These are-

  • Tourist visa upon & before arrival
  • Tourist visa via employer
  • Tourist visa via Qatar Airways or hotels.

Business visa

Business visa for those who come to the country for business and investment purposes. It is only valid for a month only. A business visa is non-expendable.

Investor Residence visa

An investor visa is granted to foreigners who intend to invest in the country. Along with other required documents, they must produce a certificate of good conduct issued by the responsible authorities.

Educational Residence visa

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) grants expatriate students who wish to study there an educational residence visa.

Family visa

A family entry visa allows you to invite family members for a visit or a residency.

Residency permit in Qatar

Qatar grants residence permits to expatriates who enter the country with a visa number and without a previous Qatar Identification Number. Those who have brought their families can also use this service to issue them residence permits, as well as follow up on their applications easily.

 The resident can apply for a permanent residence permit in Qatar if the residency requirements are met, and his/her dependents can also benefit from the advantage granted to permanent residents. The initial step in the application process is to inquire about eligibility for permanent residency.

Qatari Nationality

Those who satisfy the terms specified by Law No.38 of 2005 on Acquisition of Qatari Nationality may also be granted Qatari citizenship.

To choose the best option for you and your family, you should always check the types of visas issued by the State of Qatar and the requirements for obtaining residency or citizenship.

So we hope you are ready to get Qatari nationality, residency, and visa. Let us know whether this information helped you or not!

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