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How to check Emirate ID Fines?

How to check Emirate ID Fines?

In the UAE, breaking the speed limit or other rules, including failing to pay for parking, can result in expensive fines. Security is a top priority in the United Arab Emirates because it ensures that its residents and drivers coexist peacefully.

In this article, we’ll show you how to check your Emirates ID fines in case you’ve received any driving-related penalties. and how to make payments

What penalties may appear on my Emirates ID?

The ID can be used as identification and also be used to collect penalties for engaging in illegal or punishable behavior. The usage of an Emirates ID is subject to a variety of fines and penalties. The most typical fines and sanctions are as follows:

  1. Late Renewal/Registration: A 200 dirham fine will be assessed if you fail to renew or register your Emirates ID card within 30 days of its expiration (AED).
  2. Damaged Card: If your Emirates ID card is found to be damaged, altered, or substituted with another one, you will be fined 200 dirhams (AED).
  3. Lost or Stolen Card: You must contact the authorities and receive a police report in addition to a replacement Emirates ID card if your card is lost or stolen. You will pay a 500 dirham fine (AED).
  4. Misuse of Documents: Penalties and fines of up to 2000 dirhams are imposed for any improper or unlawful use of your Emirates ID (AED).
  5. Unauthorized Use: You risk a 500 dirham fee if you permit someone else to use your Emirates ID card (AED).
  6. Information Misrepresentation: You risk a fine of up to 1000 dirhams if you register for or renew your Emirates ID card using incorrect information or documents (AED).
  7. Unauthorized Duplication: If you make an unauthorised copy of your Emirates ID card, you will be fined 2000 dirhams (AED).

Depending on the seriousness of the act and/or in accordance with UAE law, penalties and fines may rise or fall. It’s critical to be knowledgeable of these policies in order to avoid paying extra fees when using your Emirates ID card.

How to Check and Find fines on Emirates ID ?

Do you require an Emirates ID check? Please follow these steps to check your fines with Abu Dhabi Police online:

  1. Access the Abu Dhabi Police website at
  2. What about fine inquiry? Vehicle Plate, Emirates ID (Individual Fines), Traffic No., and Driving License Inquiry (Choose one)
  3. Insert the picture text code and click “Submit.”
  4. Choose RTA Fines
  5. Specific Municipal Fines

Utilizing a PC or Smartphone from the comfort of your home, you can perform an Abu Dhabi fine check. The links below will direct you to download the Abu Dhabi App Police.

To pay fines incurred on the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles, you must have a credit or debit card. The service is offered on the Ministry of Interior’s website, but each emirate also has a website where you can pay your fines.

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Dubai Police
  • Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority
  • RTA Fine Check – Dubai Roads and Transport Authority
    After reviewing the fine on an Emirates ID online and being aware of how to do so, you can compare the results with the UAE’s list of traffic laws.

List of Penalties for Rules and Procedures

Tram Fines

  1. Utilizing facilities and services related to public transportation or entering or leaving areas covered by a price zone without paying the full cost AED 200
  2. Refusal to provide the Unified Card when requested costs AED 200
  3. Making use of a 200 AED card intended for someone else
  4. Using a 200 AED expired card
  5. Making use of an AED 200 invalid card
  6. Selling Unified Cards without the Authority’s previous approval for AED 200
  7. Making use of a $500 fake credit card
    7 Disturbing or inconveniencing customers of public transportation, facilities, or services in any way. AED 100
  8. Entering or sitting in locations reserved for particular groups AED 100
  9. Eating and drinking is prohibited in certain areas; the cost is AED 100.
  10. Sleeping in passenger shelters or anywhere else that it’s against the law to do so AED 300
  11. Destroying, damaging, or destroying seats or other equipment on public transportation or at public transportation facilities or services AED 2000
  12. Parking vehicles in designated metro user zones for longer than the allotted time is punishable by a fine of AED 100 per day and up to AED 1,000.
  13. Violation of warning boards and signs posted on public transportation and public transportation facilities and services can result in a fine of AED 100.
  14. Using non-passenger sections of public transportation and public transportation facilities and services while standing or sitting AED 100
  15. Setting your feet on a seat 100 AED
  16. Charging 200 AED for the sale of goods and commodities in public transportation and public transportation facilities.
  17. Disobeying the inspectors’ or the Authority’s authorized personnel’s instructions or preventing them from doing their jobs. AED 200.
  18. Using public transportation and public transportation facilities and services in violation of the Authority’s regulations AED 200.
  19. Bringing animals into public transportation, including guiding dogs for the blind, but not other public transportation facilities and services AED 100
  20. Spitting, leaving trash behind, or engaging in any other behavior that would jeopardize the cleanliness of public transportation and related facilities and services AED 200.
  21. Smoking in public transportation, transportation facilities, and transportation services AED 200.
  22. Paying AED 5000 for running a red light without an accident.
  23. Causing an accident that results in $15,000 in physical harm.
  24. Paying 30,000 AED for an accident that results in death.
  25. Abusing escalators or lifts 100 AED
  26. Paying AED 100 to climb or leap on board a public transportation facility.
  27. Paying AED 100 to open the doors or try to enter or exit a public transportation vehicle while it is travelling between stations or stops.
  28. Carrying or utilizing goods or equipment that could annoy or jeopardize the safety of those who use public transportation and its facilities and services. AED 100.
  29. Distracting or impeding a public transportation driver when he is operating a vehicle costs AED 200.
  30. Carrying alcoholic beverages inside of facilities and services for public transportation AED 500.
  31. Carrying dangerous things within public transportation and public transportation facilities and services, such as firearms, sharp objects, or combustible materials AED 1000.
  32. Using any security or safety tool or device, such as emergency exits when they are not required AED 2000.
  33. Throwing trash across railroad tracks or encouraging others to do so will cost you 500 AED.
  34. Unauthorized entry into forbidden areas, AED 1000
  35. Crossing the rails outside of the permitted zones will cost you AED 1000
  36. Interfering with, attempting to interfere with, or posing a threat to the safety of the Tram, its infrastructure, or either of those things AED 2000
  37. Interception of the Tram on the Tracks without permission. AED 3000.
  38. Using the emergency button carelessly AED 2000

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