Know More about NOL Card Of Dubai

NOL Card Of Dubai

To make it easier to pay for services related to public transportation in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has created the Public Transport NOL Card, a smart card. It is accepted on buses, the metro, trams, and even for parking meter payments in the city.

How much does the NOL Card cost?

The price of NOL cards ranges from Dh25 to Dh70. The balance on the Dh 25 card is Dh 19.5 at first use, whereas the amount on the Dh 70 card is Dh 60.

You receive 19 e-purse value credits for travel with this NOL Silver Card.

Where can I get a NOL Card to use on public transportation?

Your NOL card can be obtained in a variety of ways. It is available for purchase at ticket booths, vending machines, RTA customer happiness centers, authorized sales representatives, and online.

What NOL Card options are available to me?
All purchases relating to public transportation, including the metro, bus, and tram, as well as parking, can be made easily using the NOL card.

However, you should be aware of the many varieties and their features prior to purchasing a NOL Card.

Select your preferred NOL Card

Sliver Card

NOL Sliver Card

If you want the simplicity of a smart card with an e-purse, the NOL Silver Card is a wise choice. Any ticket office will be able to load up to AED 1000 onto the cards of registered users. Additionally, obtaining the card is simple and quick, costing just AED 25. (including AED 19 e-purse value).

Gold Card

Gold Card NOL

The NOL Gold Card offers all the benefits of the silver card while also granting you, for a nominal additional fee, access to the first-class seats in the metro’s gold class. This card costs only AED 25 and is available from any ticket office (including AED 19 e-purse value).

Blue Card

Blue NOL Card

Blue Card. An e-purse that can hold up to 5000 AED can be put into your NOL Personal Card, a customised smart card. This card is available right away at any ticket office for just AED 70. (including AED 20 e-purse value).

Red Card

RED nol Card

The NOL Red Ticket, which only costs AED 2, is less expensive than the standard ticket. Additionally, it is more practical because it is available from any ticket vending machine and never expires.

NOL Card usage guidelines when using a transport

It is relatively easy to use your NOL card on public transportation. At the bus or station entrance and leave, all you have to do is tap the card against the ticket reader. Simply hold it up to the sensor both before and after making the payment while using it in parking machines.

How to check in:

  1. You are required to always have a balance on your card of at least AED 7.50.
  2. Find the bus/water bus stop or metro station that is closest to you.
  3. To start using public transportation, put your nol Card on the card reader.
  4. Either a buzzer or a green light will indicate that you have checked in successfully.
  5. Enter the area through the gate.

How to check out:

  1. Locate the closest Metro, bus, or water bus stop.
  2. Insert your NOL Card into the card reader
  3. After making your purchase, watch for a beep or the green light. 4. a light indicating a successful checkout.
  4. Enter through the gate or entrance.

Depending on how many zones you have passed, the gate will automatically determine the cost of your trip or travel.

How can I check my NOL Card balance online?

You may now check the balance of your NOL Card online thanks to a recent RTA innovation. Select “My NOL Balance” on the home page after logging in to the RTA website. You must input your card information and then click “check balance.” On the screen, your current balance will be shown. The NOL app also allows you to check your balance.

Log in to the RTA website 

 Option Check NOL Bala

  1. Enter NOL tag ID and press Search
  2. Your card balance will be displayed on the screen

With a minimum of AED 7.50 and a maximum of AED 5000, you can recharge your card online or at any ticket office. Users will receive more savings and benefits if they recharge more frequently, including free excursions, reduced taxi costs, and other incentives.

Making use of the NOL Card on the Dubai Metro To save money, be aware of this beforehand.

The Dubai metro system is a fantastic way to move about the city, but there are a few things to remember to stay out of trouble. For instance, it is prohibited to consume food or beverages while riding the metro and to bring bulky goods like luggage. You risk receiving a 500 dirham fine for breaking these regulations.

Dubai Metro Fines

Here is a list of potential fines you could receive for breaking the regulations on the Dubai metro so that it doesn’t happen to you.

  1. Using public transportation systems and pertinent transportation services, or entering or leaving fare-charged locations without paying the exact fare.- AED 200 fine
  2. Failing to hand up the Unified Card when asked. – AED 200 fine
  3. Using a card intended for someone else – AED 200 fine
  4. Making use of a lapsed card. = Using an invalid card, AED 200.Penality
  5. Offering Unified Cards for sale without the Authority’s prior approval – AED 200 Penalty
  6. Making use of fake cards – AED 500 Penalty
  7. Disturbing or inconveniencing customers of public transportation, facilities, or services in any way- AED 100 Penalty
  8. Entering or occupying spaces reserved for particular groups – AED 100 Penalty
  9. Consuming food and beverages in places where they are not permitted –AED 100 Penalty
  10. Sleeping in passenger shelters or any other location where it is against the law to do so. AED 300 Penalty
  11. Destroying, damaging, or destroying seats, equipment, or services related to public transportation.- AED 2000 Penalty
  12. Leaving cars in designated parking spaces for metro passengers longer than is allowed.
    Up to 1,000 AED each day
  13. Violation of posted warning signs and notice boards by entering restricted areas inside public transportation and public transportation facilities and services AED 100 Penalty
  14. Sitting or standing in non-passenger areas of Public Transportation and Public Transportation Facilities AED 100 Penalty
    Putting one’s feet on a seat AED 100
  15. Using public transportation and public transportation facilities to sell or promote goods and services in any way – AED 200 Penalty
  16. Disobeying inspectors’ or the Authority’s authorized personnel’s instructions or interfering with their ability to do their jobs will result in an AED 200 fine.
  17. Disobeying signs displayed by the Authority prohibiting the use of public transportation and other public facilities and services will cost you AED 200 Penalty
  18. Bringing animals into public transportation, including facilities and services, with the exception of service dogs for the blind, which cost AED 100 Penalty
    Spitting, leaving trash behind, or engaging in any other behavior that would jeopardize the cleanliness of public transportation and public transportation facilities and services – AED 200 Penalty
    Smoking inside of public transportation, including facilities and services, is prohibited and costs AED 200 Penalty
    Misusing elevators or escalators costs AED 100 Penalty
  19. Climbing or jumping to board public transportation equipment and services is fee of AED 100 Penalty
  20. Attempting to enter or exit a public transportation vehicle while it is traveling between stations or stops will cost you AED 100 Penalty
  21. Carrying or employing goods or tools that could annoy or jeopardize the safety of those who utilize public transportation is prohibited under Article 26 of the Public Transport Facilities and Services Act (AED 100).
  22. Distracting the driver of a public transportation facility or service while he is operating AED 200 Penalty
  23. Carrying alcohol within public transportation and public transportation facilities and services (number 28) AED 500 Penalty
  24. Carrying dangerous things, such as firearms, sharp objects, or combustible materials within public transportation and public transportation facilities and services is punishable by a 1000 AED fine.
  25. Using any security or safety equipment, including emergency exits – 2000 AED
  26. misusing the emergency buttons AED 2000

RTA mobile apps

The main goal of RTA is to make you happy. In order to do that, we developed quick and simple access to our services using intelligent applications that were constructed with you and your needs in mind. By implementing these improvements, we further other strategic objectives while assisting Dubai in becoming a smart city.

Download the app right away if you want to use your smartphone to check your NOL level.

NOL Card customers can now check their card balance online. To do this, sign in to the RTA website and click “My NOL Balance” on the front page. You must enter your card number and then click “check balance.” The screen will show your current balance. The NOL app also lets you check your balance.


NOL cards with a range of features and costs are available from RTA. To use a card on public transportation, it must have a balance of at least AED 7.50. A smart card that can be customized and filled with up to 5000 AED is called the Blue Card. Given that it only costs AED 2, the NOL Red Ticket is more affordable than the standard ticket. Users will receive additional savings and benefits, such as free excursions and reduced taxi rates, when they recharge more frequently than once each month.

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