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How to get a transit visa to visit Qatar?

How to get a travel visa to visit Qatar

Do you travel plans remember to visit for Qatar? Did you realize you can appreciate the Transit Visa, when you include a short travel or visit somewhere in the range of five and 96 hours in Doha to your schedule with no extra toll charges? And, 80 nations can enter Qatar without a visa section into Qatar. Furthermore, if you are applying from one of these nations, a pre-approved travel visa is not required.

Here are the steps for all the details to acquire a travel visa for visiting Qatar.

What documents should have?

Before you apply, it would be ideal if you make sure that you have these documents.

  • A reasonable passport copy for every traveler (including new children). The visa should be substantial for at least six months at the time of passage into Qatar.
  • Confirmed the tickets into Qatar and you should be on Qatar Airways worked flights as it were. (Travelers going on code-share flights won’t be qualified)

Make sure that you print a copy of the approved visa and carry it with you when you travel, as it would be introduced before registration and upon arrival in Qatar.

How can I apply for the travel visa?

Once issued a ticket, then click here to apply for the travel visa. Make sure that the scanned copy of your passport is sufficiently clear. And, you can visit the Qatar Airways ticket office with your passport to process your visa application. For the office addresses, click HERE!

How can I check the status?

After applying for the visa, you can check the status of your application using your visa number or by sending on email at

The preparing time for the visa application is at least seven days barring Public holidays. Then make sure the data remembered for your visa approval notification matches the details expressed on your passport. If there is any difference, then contact us or visit the Qatar Airways office.

What is the visa charge?

There is no charge for the Qatar travel visa. But, just a single visit is allowed for the whole journey.

How long is the travel visa valid?

The travel visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

I have a one-way ticket; can I apply for the travel visa?

Yes, but if you don’t mind, note that this office isn’t available on one-way schedules if you are starting your journey from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, South Sudan, and Sudan. However, note that the confirmed tickets for a journey into Qatar and starts the journey from Qatar must be on Qatar Airways ticket record. Both the flights must be worked by Qatar Airways.

I am traveling with another airline, can I also apply for a travel visa?

Yes, you can also apply for a travel visa. Look at the steps below:

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior site.
  • Select visa type (travel) and your nationality.
  • Fill all the necessary data, for example your name, date of birth and passport information.
  • Press confirm to give the visa.

Can I request my luggage at Doha during my visit?

If your visit doesn’t exceed 24 hours, at that time you have the alternative to request for the luggage at Doha or at your final goal. You need to inform the air terminal registration staff of your preference. If your visit is over 24 hours the luggage should be gathered upon arrival in Doha.

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