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June 2020 petrol and diesel prices

June Fuel prices

Super and premium standards Petrol and diesel prices for the month of June has been announced by Qatar Petroleum today.

The prices are still the same as May 2020

  • 91 Premium Petrol at 1 QR – it is same as may 2020
  • 95 Super Petrol at 1.05 – it is same as last may 2020
  • Diesel at 1.05 – – it is same as last may 2020

Fuel prices from Feb 2020 to June 2020 – Check out below

YearMonthFuel TypeFuel Price (QR)
2020June95 Gasoline Super1.05
91 Gasoline Premium 1
2020May95 Gasoline Super1.05
91 Gasoline Premium1
2020April95 Gasoline Super1.3
91 Gasoline Premium1.25
2020Mar95 Gasoline Super1.65
91 Gasoline Premium1.6
2020Feb95 Gasoline Super1.85
91 Gasoline Premium1.75

Please let us know in the comment below how many of you read this info and Filled your tank.

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