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How to get Permanent Residency in Qatar [ 2023 Update ]

Procedure to apply for Permanent residency in Qatar

The holders of Qatari residency permit are offered a number of services and benefits, such as applying for a driving license or health card, purchasing a vehicle or even traveling to some countries. Yet, a wider range of services are provided to the permanent residency holders, offering them services such as job opportunities, investment, education, real estate ownership and health services. The permanent residence permit in Qatar can be obtained by certain categories of individuals but on condition that they meet the specified terms.

Qatar comes under few countries in the Middle East to have taken the initiative to award residency to those who the government sees fit to stay. This is a huge step given how it will create a sense of belonging while rewarding those doing service to the country on various grounds. It will help Qatar grow economically, socially and politically as well.

As per Article No.1 of Law No.10 on Permanent Residency of 2018, the State of Qatar grants permanent residency to non-Qataris if four main terms are met:

Rules and regulations to obtain the Permanent Residency permit

  • Residence period of no less than 20 years in the State of Qatar for non-Qatari born outside Qatar and applicants born in Qatar for 10 years.
  • Legitimate means for earning that is sufficient to meet one’s needs and dependents, with a minimum basic salary of QR20,000 for government employees and for private sector employees a total salary of QR30,000, and the Council of Ministers is authorized to define this minimum or exempt applicants from it.
  • Good conduct and behavior whether inside or outside Qatar in addition to absence of previous conviction by final ruling in a crime of dishonor or mistrust.
  • Good knowledge of Arabic language.

The following in the list are exempted from the above terms:

  • Children of Qatari women married to non-Qataris
  • Non-Qatari husband married to Qatari woman
  • Non-Qatari wife married to Qatari man
  • Children of naturalized Qataris
  • Individuals who performed great services to the State of Qatar
  • People with special competencies the State needs

To find out if they are from the categories they may submit a request to obtain a permanent residency in Qatar via the service titled Inquire About Eligibility for Permanent Residency without paying any fees.

Real estate owners are exempt after the Cabinet has approved to grant the permanent residency in some cases to owners of real estate with value no less than $1 million.

Individuals who meet the previous terms may submit their applications to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) online via the MOI e-services portal and using a smart card. The application fees for permanent residency is QR3000. The Committee for Granting Permanent Residency Permits at MOI will review such applications then refer its recommendations on the applications to the Minister of Interior who, in turn, grants the permanent residency card of Qatar to the licensed persons.

Applying for Permanent residency permit in Qatar

To apply for permanent residency in Qatar, one can submit the application through the website of Ministry of Interior. If the applicant meets the criterion, they would be contacted through an SMS to submit further documents. The application fee of QR3000 would be sought and after completion of the procedure, a final fee of QR3000 must also be paid when collecting. To check the eligibility for permanent residency of Qatar, visit the official website of Ministry of Interior.

Benefits of Obtaining Permanent Residency

Holders of Permanent residency enjoy several services according to the terms and regulations outlined by the cabinet in the public health and education sectors in Qatar. They will have the right to own real estate for residential or investment purposes, also they will have the right to establish companies or invest in the different national economy sectors without the need to have a Qatari partner in accordance with Law No.11 of 2015 on the Promulgation of the Commercial Companies Law.

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