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Popular Arabic Names and their English Meanings: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn Arabic Names
Learn Arabic Names

You may have heard a lot of Arabic names while interacting with someone or through any medium. But, have you ever come to know that these Arabic names have somewhat similar English names and meanings? Well, let’s discuss more about it. 

Firstly, Why do we Keep Names ?

Have you ever thought that every human being has a name, but why does it matter? Simply to give an identity. Across all the cultures, the basic motive behind keeping the name is providing an identity and that’s how people identify. 

Communicating people by using their names is something that comes into values, traditions, and culture. And this is the reason we decide to put a name to a newly born child.  

Arabic names = English names

After conducting extensive research on the topic, we have compiled a list of common Arabic names along with their English translations and meanings. Without further ado, let’s delve into it!, below are some of the Arabic names which are mostly heard with all their English names and meanings. 

Al-Yasa = Elisha

My God is salvation

Ayoub or Ayyub = Johb

Persecuted, repent

Butros = Peter


Dawood = David


Elyas = Elijah

My God is Yahweh

Eshaya = Isaiah

To salvation of the God

Habil = Abel

Adam’s Son

Harun = Aaron


Hawwa = Eve


Hisqyal = Ezekiel

To strengthen

Ibrahim = Abraham

Father of many

Iskandar = Alexander

Defender of the people

Ishaq = Isaac

He laughs / will laugh

Isa = Jesus

God is salvation

Jibreel or Jibra’il = Gabriel

God is my judge

Jirjis = George

Tiller of the soil, or farmer

Kalab = Caleb

Faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, bold, brave

Musa = Moses

To drew out

Mikha’el = Michael

Who is like God?

Nouh = Noah

Rest” and comfort

Qabil = Cain

Black Smith

Rahil = Rachel

Female sheep

Samu’el = Samuel

God heard

Shoaib = Jethro


Sulaiman = Solomon


Yaaqob = Jacob

May God protect

Yahya = John

To be gracious

Yousef = Joseph

God will add

Yunus = Jonah

To comfort

Yusha = Joshua

So, here is a list we have researched for you. In addition, to give you some more examples of Arabic to English names, we have listed the

Top 5 names that are commonly used in Qatar

Fatma = Fatima

Fatma was the daughter of Prophet Muhammed, who was one of four perfect women mentioned in the Koran. She later married the Fourth caliph, Ali.v. The name Fatma is ‘to abstain’ or to stop oneself from doing something. The Arabic means of Fatma is ‘Captivating’.

In a Gulf news article in 2011, it was published that Fatma is among the favorite names which was named for Qatari women as well. It is said that there were around 6000 children named as Fatima in that year. 

One of the famous people with this name is Fatma AL Remaihi, which is the acting CEO and director of Doha Film Institute and Ajyal Youth Festival. 

Mohammed = No English name (moh-hah-med/moo-hah-med)

The next name on the list is Mohammed which is very much common. If you are from Qatar, this name will sound like an ordinary one. Similar to the Fatma, the name Mohamed was also the most preferred name given to a Qatari man with almost 15,000 parents considering this name for their children. 

For the Muslims, the name Mohammed is a sacred. He was the person who founded Islam, Prophet Mohammed. He spread the definition of religion around the globe. 

And, Mohammed means ‘glorified’, a name that has been common among Qatari men and even residents of Qatar. Some famous people with this name are Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani and Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani.

According to the urban dictionary, the name Mohammed is outlined differently. It is mentioned a gentleman with good nature who can cry when you have problems. 

Maryam = Mary

Maryam is the second most common name in Qatar generally given to women. The name is derived from the ancient Greek names ‘Mariam’ and ‘Maria’ have meanings related to – bitter, beloved or wished for as a child. 

This name can mostly be heard in the Christian community, as it is somewhat connected with the Mary, who is mother of Jesus. The meaning of Maryam is the name of a flower (Pious), which means a rose. 

If you want to know more about the name ‘Maryam’, you can visit this Islamic website. 

To get more fascinating facts about the name Maryam just in case you want to name your child after her, you can visit this Islamic website.

Abdullah = No English name (ab-dul-lah)

If you are familiar with the City of Doha or have lived, you can easily find the person with the name Abdullah. It is the most familiar name which is considered next after the name Mohammed. With more that 6,000 parents chosen to name their male child as Mohammed. 

The name is derived from the Arabic word Abd Allah meaning – ‘Servant of Allah’ which can easily be found among the Muslims in Arab nations. In fact, the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s father’s name was also Abdullah. 

Some important people with this name are Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim AL Thani and Ahmad Hassan Abdullah. 

Noora = Nora

The name Noora is also one of the common names in Qatar. The name means ‘shining light’ in islamic knowledge. 

In the English language, Noora is a christian name which as per the numerology prediction has lucky number 3.  

It is said that a child born on the third day of any month, if named Noora, attracts luck and prosperity. 

As per Greek mythology, Noora is like Helen, a woman considered as the beautiful woman. 

Giving your daughter the name ‘Noora’ would all in all compliment her personality as it signifies true beauty. 

Here are some common Arabic names along with their English meaning:

  1. Mohammed/Muhammad – “praised” or “praiseworthy”
  2. Ahmed/Ahmad – “most commendable” or “most praiseworthy”
  3. Ali – “exalted” or “noble”
  4. Fatima – “one who abstains” or “one who weans”
  5. Aisha – “living” or “alive”
  6. Omar – “long-lived” or “prospering”
  7. Abdullah – “servant of Allah”
  8. Yasmin/Yasmine – “jasmine flower”
  9. Khalid – “eternal” or “immortal”
  10. Layla – “night” or “dark beauty”

So, did you find your Arabic names equivalent to English? Do let us know in our Comment section. Please like and share the article.

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