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List of popular supermarkets in Riyadh

List of popular supermarkets in Riyadh

Whether you want to buy fresh vegetables to packed food, safety pins, or hardware equipment everything you need will find in the following supermarkets. Riyadh offers several options for supermarkets so that people don’t have a problem finding anything at any time. In this article, we have compiled the list of those supermarkets offered by Riyadh. Let’s check the list!

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Tamimi Markets:

Tamimi Markets is a renowned supermarket chain in Riyadh, offering a wide range of grocery items, fresh produce, and international products. With several branches across the city, Tamimi Markets is a go-to destination for both locals and expatriates looking for high-quality groceries. Their well-stocked shelves cater to diverse tastes, ensuring customers find everything they need for their daily needs and special occasions. Whether it’s fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery items, or household essentials, Tamimi Markets provides a pleasant shopping experience with friendly staff and a clean environment.

Contact: +966 11 484 7474

Panda Supermarkets:

Panda Supermarkets are a familiar sight throughout Riyadh, providing an extensive selection of groceries, household items, and electronics. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Panda Supermarkets have gained popularity among shoppers in the city. They offer budget-friendly options without compromising on product variety or freshness. The supermarkets are well-organized, making it easy for customers to find their desired products quickly. From pantry staples to electronics, Panda Supermarkets cater to the diverse needs of their clientele, making shopping a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Contact: +966 92 000 1111


Located within the Granada Mall in Riyadh, Carrefour is a hypermarket that impresses with its vast array of products and competitive pricing. This international retail giant offers a one-stop shopping destination for customers looking for groceries, electronics, clothing, and more. The hypermarket’s spacious layout and helpful staff ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. Carrefour is particularly known for its diverse product categories, making it a favorite choice for families and individuals looking to fulfill all their shopping needs under one roof.

Contact: +966 11 510 1300

Lulu Hypermarket:

Situated in Riyadh Avenue Mall, Lulu Hypermarket is a popular choice for shoppers seeking a wide range of international products, electronics, and household goods. With its focus on quality and affordability, Lulu Hypermarket has become a go-to destination for a diverse clientele. The hypermarket’s clean and organized aisles provide a pleasant shopping atmosphere, and their attentive staff is always ready to assist customers. Lulu Hypermarket stands out for its commitment to offering an extensive selection of products, ensuring that shoppers find what they need without any hassle.

Contact: +966 11 242 6500

Danube Supermarkets:

Danube Supermarkets in Al Malqa District, Riyadh, offer a well-curated selection of grocery items, fresh produce, and deli section delights. Known for their commitment to quality, Danube Supermarkets cater to the needs of local residents with a wide range of products at competitive prices. With a focus on providing a delightful shopping experience, their friendly staff ensures that customers find what they need and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s daily essentials or special treats, Danube Supermarkets have become a reliable choice for shoppers seeking convenience and quality.

Contact: +966 11 469 3121

Othaim Markets:

Othaim Markets, located in Al Wadi District, Riyadh, is a prominent supermarket chain offering a diverse range of groceries and local and international brands. Committed to providing top-notch service and products, Othaim Markets have earned the trust of their customers. Their well-stocked shelves, neat layout, and friendly staff contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. Whether it’s a quick grocery run or a major shopping trip, Othaim Markets cater to different needs, ensuring that customers leave satisfied.

Contact: +966 11 412 6666

Hyper Panda:

Hyper Panda is a hypermarket located on Al Khaleej Road, Riyadh, offering a vast selection of products across various categories, including electronics and toys. With its spacious and well-organized store layout, Hyper Panda ensures that customers can easily find their desired items. The hypermarket’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred choice for many shoppers. Whether it’s everyday groceries or household essentials, Hyper Panda offers convenience and value for money.

Contact: +966 11 463 7876

Manuel Supermarket:

Manuel Supermarket, situated in Al Yasmin District, Riyadh, stands out for its specialty European products, including specialty cheeses and fresh meats. With a focus on imported items, Manuel Supermarket caters to the diverse tastes of its customers, providing unique and hard-to-find products. The supermarket’s knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers in finding their desired items and offers recommendations for trying out new products. Manuel Supermarket has become a favorite among expatriates and locals seeking authentic European flavors.

Contact: +966 50 068 9685


Located in Granada Oasis Mall, Riyadh, Spinneys is a premium supermarket known for its wide range of imported products, gourmet section, and organic foods. With its emphasis on quality and variety, Spinneys offers customers an exclusive shopping experience. From premium produce to international delicacies, the supermarket ensures that customers find top-notch products. Spinneys’ gourmet section provides a selection of specialty items and ingredients, making it a go-to destination for food enthusiasts and those seeking high-quality culinary experiences.

Contact: +966 11 209 0800

Al Sadhan Hypermarket:

Al Sadhan Hypermarket in Al Olaya District, Riyadh, is a popular supermarket offering a diverse range of grocery items, fresh produce, and household essentials. Committed to providing top-quality products at competitive prices, Al Sadhan Hypermarket caters to the daily needs of its customers. The supermarket’s efficient layout and attentive staff contribute to a seamless shopping experience. Whether it’s bulk grocery shopping or quick runs for everyday essentials, Al Sadhan Hypermarket ensures a convenient and satisfying shopping trip.

Contact: +966 11 463 1763

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