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List of restaurants in Riyadh opens 24 by 7

Restaurants in Riyadh

Who didn’t get midnight cravings? We all have experienced food cravings at midnight sometimes every night or sometimes occasionally. And today we have help for your midnight cravings by listing 24*7 restaurants from where you can have anything you are craving at any hour. Without wasting any further due let’s check the list of 24*7 restaurants in Riyadh.


Do you want pizza, burgers, desserts, and coffee? It is the perfect place to satisfy your comfort food cravings. They have everything from chicken and beef burgers to Margaritas and pepperoni pizzas. This place offers a Philly cheesesteak and a truffle burger, satisfying your guilty pleasures.

  • Open- 24*7 daily
  • Location- 7622 Takhassusi St, Al Mohammadiyyah, 3410
  • Contact- 011 441 5154


Here you can eat chicken at any time of the day. You’ll find crispy chicken burgers, wraps, and even a chicken box if you’re super hungry. The meal includes strips, fries, and a choice of burger. Come on over to fulfill all your crunchy desires.

  • Open- 24*7 daily
  • Location- Ubay Ibn Muadh Al Ansari, Ar Rabi

One Way Burger

One Way serves traditional burgers in a new way. You can customize your burger however you like. You can get shrimp, chicken, or brisket burgers. Since the buns and burgers are served fresh off the grill, all of the burgers are popular with locals.

  • Open- 24*7 daily
  • Location- 7092 Sabfa Ibn Saidah, An Nakheel, 4036
  • Contact- 058 200 6295

Shake Shack

This fast-food style is serving up burgers around the clock. The classic cheeseburger and chicken shack are the best burgers on the menu. Dip your crinkle-cut fries into a classic shake for a mix of salty and sweet. Shake flavors include strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Shake Shack is one of Riyadh’s best 24-hour restaurants for its quality and taste.

  • Open- 24*7 daily
  • Location- Robeen Plaza, Hittin
  • Contact- 011 511 5504

Shawarma London

How about this favorite in the Middle East at any time? Shawarmas come in a variety of flavors here, and sandwiches can be topped with a variety of sauces. This place is budget-friendly, so you may lose a little sleep, but you won’t go broke.

  • Open- 24*7 daily
  • Location- King Salman Road, King Khaled Internation Airport
  • Contact- 055 679 7017

Have you tried any of these restaurants before? Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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