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Overview of Al Wajh in Saudi Arabia

Al Wajh

Al Wajh is one of the larger coastal cities along the Red Sea. In the 1950s, fishing was a major activity in the city, and it remains one of the main activities today. Despite its pristine white beach and clear waters, the real gem is Al Bahad, an old Hejazi fishing village that has been abandoned almost completely.

As one of the oldest coastal cities in Saudi Arabia, you can enjoy its brilliance, including old hilltop houses that overlook the sea, as well as the abandoned town and its old fishing boats. Al Wajh has a lot to offer, including its now modern city to explore and beachside parks to stroll around at your leisure. Let’s see everything that its offers!

Attractions & activities

Al Balad

This old town is located by the coast and is filled with deserted streets, old Hejazi houses, and colorful balconies. The historic scenery makes it a perfect backdrop for photographers to capture the perfect moment in time.

Al Wajh Castle

Al Wajh Castle

Al Wajh Castle, built-in 1875, is the quiet city’s historic landmark. It is now open to tourists. The courtyard overlooks the port of Al Wajh, which is home to a historic cannon and the surveillance tower that guarded the area. Due to the castle’s transition into a museum, there will be plenty of historical references.

Camel Rock

Camel Rock Al Wajh

You’ll find Camel Rock on Route 55, coming out of Al Wajh Domestic Airport – it looks exactly like a camel sitting down – and it wasn’t created by human hands. You can’t pinpoint exactly where it is, but that defeats the purpose of any sense of adventure.

Fish Market

The market is located in a fishing city, so you will find plenty of fresh catches.


Istanbul Delights Restaurant

If you’re looking for great Turkish tastes, visit this cheap and cheerful restaurant.

  • Location- Al Murur, Al Azizziah, Al Wajh
  • Contact- +966 14 442 2004


Chicken-filled wraps, subs, salads, and burgers are served at this local fast-food chain.

  • Location- Al Khaldiyah, Al Wajh
  • Contact- +966 9200 20322

Fish Leader Restaurant

Traditional seafood dishes are served at this local favorite.

  • Location- Al Aziziah, Al Wajh
  • Contact- +966 55 634 8180

Hamid Turkish Restaurant

Here, you’ll find everything from charcoal chicken with rice to meaty kebabs.

  • Location- Abu Bakr Al Sidiq, Al Aziziah, Al Wajh
  • Contact- +966 14 442 1545

Juha Restaurant

Discover the old town while enjoying traditional Arabic cuisine. You can expect quality sambosa and shawarma at a reasonable price.

  • Location- Al Balad, Al Wajh
  • Location- +966 14 442 2422


Al Rakaez Hotel

Al Rakaez Hotel

The Al Rakaez Hotel is situated next to the Beach Face Rock park for sunset strolls, close to the Al Wajh Domestic Airport.

  • Location- Al Khaldiyah, Al Wajh

Aseel Luxury Chalets

A villa-style hotel featuring an outdoor pool, barbecue area, Jacuzzi, and sauna, this is an ideal spot for large groups who are looking for a villa-type accommodation close to the sea.

  • Location- An Nahdah, Al Wajh

Aal wajh Domestic airport

al wajh airport

The domestic airport was established in 1984 in Al wajh city and tabuk province of Saudi Arabia. It is of modern architecture advanced structure.

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