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Six Flags Qiddiya: A World of Thrills and Entertainment

Six Flags Qiddiya

A Vision of Thrills and Authenticity At the helm of QIC’s vision is the ambition to create Six Flags Qiddiya as the epitome of excitement and exhilaration synonymous with the renowned Six Flags brand. Beyond delivering the thrills audiences worldwide expect, the park aims to elevate these experiences by incorporating authentic themes deeply connected to its location. The essence of storytelling, resonating with guests’ hearts, will be evident throughout Qiddiya, forging indelible memories and moments of delight for everyone. Michael Reininger, the Chief Executive Officer of QIC, passionately expresses this central notion that will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience.

Six Flags Qiddiya will undoubtedly take center stage as a pivotal entertainment feature in the first phase of the Qiddiya development. Each land within the park will boast rides and attractions exclusively designed for this awe-inspiring destination, with several poised to set world records. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia, Six Flags Qiddiya will comprise six immersive lands, designed to cater to visitors of all ages, indulging them in a journey through the Kingdom’s history and culture.

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The Citadel: A Vibrant Central Hub

At the heart of Six Flags Qiddiya stands The Citadel, an enchanting central hub adorned with a billowing canopy reminiscent of traditional Bedouin tents. This vibrant space not only houses an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants but also transforms into an interactive show space, captivating guests throughout the day. Portals from The Citadel provide access to the various themed lands, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure in Six Flags Qiddiya.

The City of Thrills: A Visionary Experience

The City of Thrills embodies Saudi Arabia’s visionary Vision 2030, captivating visitors with its boundary-pushing and future-forward cityscape intricately anchored in Arabic design motifs. Here, guests will encounter the park’s most iconic and eagerly anticipated thrill rides. Among the highlights is the Falcon’s Flight, an awe-inspiring roller coaster inspired by the Kingdom’s iconic national bird, symbolizing the country’s rich cultural heritage. Touted as the longest, tallest, and fastest roller coaster in the world, it is poised to become a thrilling symbol of Saudi Arabia’s progress and ambition. Additionally, the Sirocco Tower will rise above the rest, claiming the title of the world’s tallest drop-tower ride, offering an unparalleled adrenaline rush to all who dare to experience it.

Discovery Springs: An Aquatic Wonderland

Reflecting the timeless harmony between the desert and the sea, Discovery Springs celebrates Qiddiya’s unique relationship with water elements. This oasis-like wonderland boasts cascading waterfalls, aqueducts, geysers, and lush vegetation that create the illusion of a dense rainforest amidst the desert. Visitors seeking respite from the scorching summer heat will find solace in this serene haven, as they embark on an array of rides and experiences that skillfully blend earth and water elements. A highlight of Discovery Springs is the innovative Sea Stallion, a first-of-its-kind interactive ride that propels riders over rivers, behind waterfalls, and through trees along a meticulously designed course, allowing them to control the speed and acceleration of their serpentine journey.

Steam Town: Where Past and Future Converge

In Steam Town, the past and future coalesce, immersing visitors in a rugged frontier town powered by the wonders of steam. Themed around mechanical marvels and dynamic contraptions, this land’s signature attraction is the Iron Rattler Mine Train. This exhilarating ride ingeniously links the best elements of a roller coaster with a hydraulic lift, propelling passengers into a freefall plunge through a narrow, steam-filled mineshaft. As screams echo through the air, guests are transported back in time while embracing cutting-edge thrills.

Steam Town offers an array of captivating experiences, including the Steam Town Falls Water Coaster, a captivating fusion of a roller coaster track with a splashing boat ride. Visitors can embark on a thrilling journey, relishing the excitement of water combined with the adrenaline of a coaster ride. Additionally, the Steel Stampede promises a whirlwind of excitement with its spinning mechanical ride, while the Treehouse Trek beckons adventurers to conquer its custom-themed climbing structure.

Twilight Gardens: An Enchanting Wonderland

Twilight Gardens welcomes visitors into an oversized landscape of imagination, where vibrant flowers and friendly creatures await the young and young at heart. Specially designed for families and younger visitors, this enchanted land is an oasis of joy and wonder. The Twilight Express Coaster is a mesmerizing ride that carries passengers through a majestic garden, providing glimpses of fantastical flora and fauna as they embark on a captivating journey.

Another highlight of Twilight Gardens is the Critter Chase, an interactive dark ride set in a captivating 3D environment, immersing guests in a whimsical world of animated creatures. For those yearning for an awe-inspiring aerial adventure, the Kaleidoscope hot air balloon ride offers a gentle yet captivating experience, offering panoramic views of the enchanting landscape below.

Valley of Fortune: Adventure Amidst Ancient Ruins

Valley of Fortune beckons adventurers to a land of excitement, set amidst time-worn architectural ruins of old Arabian masonry. The land pulsates with activity as fortune seekers from around the world engage in their quests for thrills and excitement. The signature attraction, Spitfire, is a triple-launch coaster that defies gravity, taking guests into a sky roll before performing an acrobatic stall and a breathtaking dive back to the valley floor.

Skywatch is another exhilarating ride found in Valley of Fortune, lifting riders into the sky for a captivating aerial experience. Meanwhile, the auto-themed Treasure Trail invites visitors on a whimsical journey, and the Aeromax offers a thrilling family plane ride, swinging and rotating freely over the park. Each element of Valley of Fortune evokes a sense of adventure and discovery, captivating guests with every twist and turn.

Highlights of the Six Flags Qiddiya

Parks & Attractions

  • Theme Parks
  • Water Theme Park
  • Retail, Dining and Entertainment

Sports & Wellness

  • Stadium
  • Multi Sports Hub
  • Two Golf Courses
  • Kids Sports Center
  • Female Sports Center
  • Aquatic Center

Motion & Mobility

  • Multi-use tracks
  • Karting facilities
  • Off-road facilities
  • Spectator facilities
  • Motor Tech Park
  • FIA Grade 1 Track
  • Speed Park

Arts & Culture

  • Art Complex
  • Courtyards and Plazas
  • Festival Grounds
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Multiplex Cinema

Nature & Environment

  • Animal
  • Encounters
  • Scenic & Natural Experiences
  • Outdoor Adventure & Exploration
  • Luxury Tent Resort


Al Raidah Digtial City
MU04 – 10th Floor
Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz
Al Awwal Road
Al Nakheel District
Riyadh 12382-6651


You and your whole family will enjoy this action-packed family outing.

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