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Saudi Arabia’s Best Mobile Internet Packages in 2022 [Complete list]

Internet Packages Saudi Arabia

Do you know that Saudi Arabia is the first Gulf country to get 5G services? The government of Saudi Arabia has funded a lot in modernizing its telecommunications infrastructure to be on top of the technological world.

Do you know that 96% population of Saudi Arabia are active internet users? Most of the SIMs are operated by the Hajj and Umrah tourists who visit Saudi Arabia to complete Umrah and Hajj rituals. 

Saudi Arabia has a vast variety of Mobile, SIM, and internet supplied by the country. Some of the most popular suppliers are STC, Zain, Mobily. You can conveniently get a SIM card in STC, Mobily, Zain, Lebara, and Virgin Mobile stores. The SIM cards are commonly sold at selected international airports, including Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Take a look at one-by-one mobile networks to find out the best mobile internet package in Saudi Arabia.

STC Mobile Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

Daily Internet Packages

Unlimited for 1 day1 day23 SR for one subscription 
Unlimited for 2 days2 days40.25 SR for one subscriptions 

* Prices include the 15% VAT.

Weekly Internet Packages

Unlimited for 1 week package1 week97.75 SR for one subscription 
Unlimited for 2 weeks package2 weeks189.75 SR for one subscription   

*Prices include the 15% VAT.

Social Media Packages

10 GB social media package1 month80.5 SR for one subscription 
20 GB social media package1 month91 SR for one subscription 
100 GB social media package1 month138 SAR for one subscription 

*Prices include the 15% VAT.

Monthly Internet Packages

1GB internet package1 month34.5 SR for one subscription 
2 GB internet package1 month57.5 SR for one subscription 
5 GB internet package1 month86.25 SR for one subscription 
10 GB internet package1 month109.25 SR for one subscription 
40 GB internet package1 month138 SR for one subscription 

Sawa Data Keys

Package NameValidityPrice*To Subscribe
1GB for One WeekOne Week15 SRSend 2151 to 900
1GB for One MonthOne Month30 SRSend 2152 to 900
2GB for One MonthOne Month50 SRSend 2153 to 900
5GB for One MonthOne Month80 SRSend 2154 to 900
10GB for One MonthOne Month110 SRSend 2155 to 900
10GB for Two MonthsTwo Months155 SRSend 2156 to 900
10GB for Three MonthsThree Months180 SRSend 2157 to 900
50GB for Two MonthsTwo Months230 SRSend 2158 to 900
100GB for Three MonthsThree Months350 SRSend 2159 to 900
300GB for Three MonthsThree Months470 SRSend 2160 to 900
Unlimited for One DayOne Day20 SRSend 2120 to 900
Unlimited for One weekOne Week100 SRSend 2162 to 900
Unlimited for One MonthOne Month350 SRSend 2161 to 900

*Prices do not include the 15% VAT.

More info on STC internet Packages

Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

  • Mobily Prepaid 360 (400 SR/28 days)
    • Unlimited Internet without fair usage policy
    • Unlimited minutes
    • 360 SMS daily
  • Mobily Prepaid 220 (258 SAR/28 Days)
    • 100 GB internet
    • Unlimited social media
    • Unlimited minutes
    • Unlimited carry over
  • Mobily Prepaid 180 (212 SAR/ 28 days)
    • 70 GB internet
    • Unlimited social media
    • Unlimited minutes
  • Mobily Prepaid 110 (131.5 SAR/ 28 days)
    • 25 GB internet
    • 25 GB social media
    • 1500 minutes
  • Mobile Prepaid 75 (90 SAR/ 28 days)
    • 15 GB internet
    • 5 GB social media
    • 500 minutes
  • Mobile Prepaid 30 (40 SAR/ 28 days)
    • 1.2 GB internet
    • 1.2 GB social media
    • 100 minutes

Mobily Data Bundles

You can enjoy internet on your smartphones anywhere and anytime using Mobily Data Bundles. Here are packages below

150MB15 DaysSR 5.7575000750
500MB 15 DaysSR 17.2551005102
1GB 30 DaysSR 34.561006102
2GB 30 DaysSR 57.572007202
5GB 30 DaysSR 86.2573007302
10GB30 DaysSR 109.2570507052
10GB 90 DaysSR 189.7560706072
20GB30 DaysSR 155.2563006302
20GB90 DaysSR 25382008202
50GB 60 DaysSR 241.570907092
50GB 90 DaysSR 29980708072
100GB 30 DaysSR 18470807082
100GB 90 DaysSR 36880808082
300GB 90 DaysSR 517.5300N/A
600GB180 DaysSR 1035606N/A
Unlimited30 DaysSR 373.7549304932

Prepaid Zain Mobile Internet Package in Saudi Arabia

Zain prepaid internet plans for Zain KSA customers with active voice plans. If you want to subscribe to any of these internet bundles and use the data, you must first have the required amount in your account. The following are the steps to sign up for any of your desired internet bundles:

Please send the auto-renewal cancellation code and activation code to 959.

50 MB1.51 DayD50CA50MCD50
200 MB51 WeekD200MCAD200MCD200M
500 MB121 WeekD500CA500CD500
2 GB291 MonthD2GCAD2GCD2G
5 GB501 MonthD5GCAD5GCD5G
10 GB +5 GB951 Month10GBMCA10MC10GBM
10 GB +201653 Month10GBCA10GC10GB
20 GB +202203 Month20GBCA20GC20GB
50 GB + 252653 Month50GBCA50GC50GB
100 GB+ 50 GB3203 Month100GBCA100C100GB
150 GB3603 Month150 GBCA150C150GB
300 GB4303 Month300GBCA300C300GB
Zain MBB Prepaid

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