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15 Reasons to Visit Umluj in Saudi Arabia

15 Reasons to Visit Umluj in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia hasn’t been a tourist destination. It does attract some tourists, though. Every year, 15,000,000 people visit the country for religious or personal reasons. This is a large source of income for the Saudi government.

Apart from this religious purpose, there are 15 more reasons which we have to compile to visit Umlih in Saudi Arabia. 

Do you know Umluj is a small town in the northwest of Saudi Arabia 150 km north of Yanbu and right next to the Red Sea? The area is a veritable paradise for nature lovers, outdoor adventurers, and those looking for health, wellness, and cultural experiences like no other.

Let’s check the other 15 reasons!

Turquoise Water

In Umluj, visitors are often surprised to see how clear and turquoise the sea is. They claim it is also warm, clean, and unpolluted. The water is exceptionally clear because rain and river discharge normally bring dirt and debris into the sea.

Cotton Candy Sands

Sand is cotton white, fluffy, and very soft to the touch. Those who want to laze around next to the sea, run barefoot, or just splash around in its calm, shallow waters will love this. Miles of white sand beaches are lined by tropical palm trees that provide shade and protection from the elements thanks to the natural springs.

Stunning Coral Reefs

It’s great to swim, dive and have fun on the vast white sand plains, which lie in shallow waters off the mainland and the islands. Boats can be hired for 400 SR (for 3 hours) to explore the outer reefs of Jabal Hassan, the nearest coral reefs to the mainland.

An Abundance of Sea Life

In Umluj, visitors are blown away by the variety of sea life they see when diving or snorkeling. The Red Sea has more than 1,200 different species of fish, of which 10% are endemic. These species are distinguished by:

  • Color
  • Mouth & Teeth
  • Shape
  • Feeding Strategy

In general, terminal mouthed fish are predatory and carnivorous. (i.e. Snappers and Grunts). Having teeth at the back of their mouths, they can pounce on and feed off other small fish and invertebrates.

Excellent Year-Round Weather

It is never too late to visit ‘Umluj’ since it is still always quiet, peaceful, and undiscovered. However, it is best to visit between January and June if you wish to feel comfortable. Do you know that only one inch of rain falls per year, usually in April and late autumn? Thus, in an arid climate, there is a lot of sunshine, little rain, and a dry heat moderated by the Red Sea. During the evenings, the temperatures are cooler.

Impressive Volcanos & Lava Fields

The holiday in Umluj wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Harrat Lunayyir (black volcanic rocks), a dormant volcano, and to the lava fields in Khyber. Another one, also known as Jabal Abiyadh, sits at 2,093 m (6,867 ft) and is located about two hours north of Umluj.

Dramatic Canyons & Mountain Ranges

Tabuk is home to stunning mountain ranges, canyons, and volcanoes that have hosted people and civilizations that date back more than 90,000 years. Some of the most popular mountains are-

  • The Grand Canyon at Al Shaq
  • Jebal Al Lawz (Almond Mountain)
  • Sarawat Mountain Range (Madinah- Tabluk)
  • Jabal Hisma (Hisma Mountain)

Ancient Archaeological Treasures

Several historical sites are located in the Tabuk region around Umluj, including petroglyphs (wall paintings), inscriptions, ancient tombs, forts, and palaces. There are also remnants of the Hejaz Railway line and Syria-Egypt’s pilgrimage routes among the modern artifacts. Some of the notable ancients sites are-

  • Mada’in Saleh
  • Al Ula
  • Tayeb Ism
  • Tayma
  • Wadi Qaraqir
  • Aydan Cave homes
  • Disah
  • Al Ula
  • Hadaj Well in Tayma

Vast Nature Reserves

Several large tracts of land and mountainous terrain have been given to protect wildlife and migrater birds north of Umluj. They are a magnet for nature lovers and bird watchers. Some of them are-

  • Al Tubaiq Nature Reserve
  • Tabuk Wetlands
  • Al Khanafa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Harrat al Harrah Conservation

Amazing Migratory Birds

In Saudi Arabia, bird spotters have recorded views of 511 bird species, 10 of which are introduced. The reserves and wetlands of Tabuk are home to migratory birds. Most commonly seen are Barn Swallows and Bee-eaters. A Graceful Prinia and the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler, which is an uncommon summer breeder, are also seen. Other birds viewed include:

  • Kingfishers
  • Flamingoes
  • Cranes & Rails
  • While-Tailed Lapwing
  • Eurasian Bittern

Health Benefits

Travel broadens the mind and improves health in several ways. It is even more true when you are on vacation in Umluj and starts reaping the rewards. You will experience unimaginable beauty, expanse, and endless possibilities. A holiday called Umluj is beneficial to the body and mind in that it:

  • Fights insomnia.
  • Relieves Stress
  • Heightens Sensitivity
  • Improves Memory
  • Stimulates Brain Growth

Sustainable Tourism Untouched Beauty

You can also participate in sustainable tourism by visiting “Umluj”. At the same time, you can enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and simultaneously give back to the community. 

Very safe for you & your family

Saudi society is very safe for everyone. You won’t be concerned about either the safety of your children or your spouses. 

Low-cost Destinations

The Saudi Arabian tourism industry is just getting started. There are few package holidays available, and the tourism which does exist is mostly domestic and religious. As a result, there are great hotel and resort deals across the country. The prices are relatively low compared to Western standards, and there are many holiday deals available.

Accessible & Well Connected

The new and modern airport in Jeddah welcomes thousands of foreign visitors daily primarily for the religious Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca. Transport between cities is convenient. The cost of car rental is between 80 and 100 SR per day. Gas prices are also very low. The roads to Yanbu, Medinah, and Tabuk are fast and well maintained.

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