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List of Public Transportations in Qatar: Complete Guide

Public Transport in Qatar

Qatar has many options for its citizens and ex-pats to travel around the city. With the help of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the public transportation system in Qatar has enhanced over the years. In this article, we are going to discuss what kind of public transport is available in Qatar. Let’s check the list without wasting any further due.

By Bus – Karwa Buses

The Karwa Bus is a public air-conditioned bus that links Doha and prominent places around the country. The buses are run by the government-owned Mowasalat, the prominent transport service provider in Qatar. 

At present, there are more than 50 routes available with the first bus starting at 4 AM to last at 11 PM. Maximum routes start from Doha Bus Station, according to Mowasalat. For your kind information maximum buses also have space to incorporate wheelchairs. Mowasalat urges travelers to obtain the “KARWA Smart Card,” which is a cashless/ticketless card.

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By Metro Train / Tram

At present, only the Red, Green, and Gold of the Doha Metro are running. An essential component of the Qatar Rail network, the Doha Metro links various suburbs of the capital and the nearby municipalities. Doha metro travels both ways underground and above ground. Msheireb station connects all the three lines Red, Green, and Gold. Doha metro also takes care of their travels by providing free access to Wi-fi for 30 minutes per day inside the metro.


  • Saturday-Wednesday- 6 AM to 11 PM
  • Thursday- 6 AM to 11:59 PM
  • Friday- 2 PM to 11:59 PM

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Lusail Tram

The Lusail Tram is a public transportation option in Qatar that serves the city of Lusail. It is a light rail transit system that began operation in 2019 and connects various residential, commercial, and entertainment areas within the city. The Lusail Tram currently has three lines and 25 stations, with plans for expansion in the future.

  1. Lusail Marina
  2. Lusail Arena
  3. Al Hoot
  4. Al Wahda
  5. Al Dayeen
  6. Al Erkyah
  7. Energy Station
  8. Lusail North
  9. Lusail University
  10. Lusail Commercial
  11. Lusail Entertainment
  12. Lusail Plaza
  13. Lusail Qatar Railway
  14. Lusail Golf Club
  15. Al Khor Coastal Road
  16. Lusail Ras Laffan Road
  17. Fox Hills
  18. Lusail Pearl
  19. Lusail Stadium.

Education City Tram

In 2019 Qatar Foundation (QF) founded its electrical tram system that goes around QF’s ‘Academic Loop.’ It has 24 stations, and it promotes car-less, park-and-ride links between schools, universities, centers, and other facilities at QF.

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By Taxi, Limousine, and Ride-hailing Services

Karwa Taxi

Karwa Taxi is a taxi service operated by Mowasalat, the state-owned transportation company in Qatar. The service provides both individual and group taxi services to various destinations in the country, including airports, hotels, and popular tourist destinations. The taxis are modern and equipped with GPS technology, air conditioning, and meters to ensure fair pricing. Karwa Taxi also offers a mobile app for booking and tracking rides, as well as a call center for phone bookings.

Ride-hailing apps

There are several ride-hailing apps available in Qatar, including:

  1. Uber: Uber is a popular ride-hailing service that is available in Qatar. Users can use the Uber app to book a ride and track their driver’s location.
  2. Careem: Careem is another popular ride-hailing service that is available in Qatar. The app allows users to book a ride and pay for it through the app.
  3. Bolt: Bolt is a ride-hailing service that is available in Qatar. The app allows users to book a ride and track their driver’s location.
  4. Onde: Onde is a ride-hailing app that is available in Qatar. The app allows users to book a ride and pay for it through the app.


The Mowasalat’s opulence caravan of limousines incorporates Impala, Passat, Audi, and Mercedes Vitto. A limousine can be booked by calling 800-LIMO (5466) or 800-TAXI (8294). You can also book the Limousine by the Karwa Taxi app. With the help of the Mowasalat website, you can also hire/rent a limousine.

By E-scooters

E-scooters are not currently legal in Qatar. The government has not yet authorized the use of e-scooters on public roads and has issued warnings against their use. However, there have been talks of introducing e-scooters as part of the country’s plan to develop a sustainable transportation system in the future.

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