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Ministry : Kindergartens, Schools and University in Qatar can start operate at their full capacity.

Ministry of education Qatar

The Ministry of Education and Higher education declares that they are tone down few restrictions and precautionary considerations, in compliance with the plan of step by step lifting the restrictions forced to fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Qatar Education Ministry  stated that the kindergartens, schools and colleges can start operating with students’ full attendance i.e. 100 percentage of the approved university building and school building capacity.

From Sunday, 3rd October 2021 this decision will be implemented

The below mentioned guideline need to be followed

  1. All the time maintaining minimum 1-meter physical distance among students and Colleagues.
  2. All the students, college staff, professors and teaching professional must wearing mask all the time while in the universities and schools.
  3. Pursue to implement bubble system in the study and transition.
  4. Only 75% of occupancy is allowed in all the school buses for the students.
  5. Regular attendance and Absence policy will be effective from 3rd Oct.
  6. Strictly follow the guidelines to prevent the covid-19 such as wash or sanitize hands with disinfectants and surroundings in regular intervals.
  7. Follow the precautionary measure mentioned in the plan of 4th Phase of lifting the restrictions imposed in Qatar.
  8. Maintain a social distance not only in the classrooms but also in employee rooms and administrative offices.
  9. The Rapid Antigen or PCR examinations approved by MOPH should be conducted every week for the students age is equal or above 12 years, working staff in school, kindergartens, employees those who are not taken or not completed covid-19 vaccinations.
  10. The people who are recovered from the covid-19 diseases are exempted from these procedures.

Source: Ministry of Education – Qatar

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