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Places to visit within 1.5 hours from Doha

Al Safliya Island skyscrapers

Qatar has a lot of wonderful places around the boundaries of Doha that you can travel, view, and experience. As the climate is becoming cold here, it makes the perfect time to visit these places.

Check the list below!

Al Karaana Lagoon

Al Karaana Lagoon Doha Qatar

Al Karaana Lagoon is one of the amazing and quiet places in Qatar. It is encompassed by crystal clear water and greenery. A place is an ideal place for nature lovers, photographers, and an individual who wants some quality time with themselves.

  • Distance from Doha- 65.4 KM; 54 minutes.
  • Location-

Arsan Cafe

Arsan Cafe

Due to its scenic view and relaxing vibe, it became popular. It also provides a seating area for visitors. You can enjoy the breezy evening and morning here.

Ghost Town / Al Jumail Village

Ghost Town Qatar

Al Jumail Village is known as the Ghost Town. You can see what Qatar was like many years ago in this abandoned fishing village. The place is also is a good place for photographers.

Al Shu’aa Reserve

Al Shu'aa Reserve

It is an eccentric animal sanctuary, also has various kinds of trees & animals such as tortoises, ostriches, goats, rabbits, Arabian Oryxes, and many more. It is an ideal place for kids to visit. 

Musfur Sinkhole

Musfur Sinkhole

It has a 16 feet deep sinkhole with an opening of 40 feet. You can visit this place anytime in the day. You should go via 4×4. This place does not provide a toilet or any resting facilities, thus carry your water bottle and snacks with you as they don’t have any facilities for litter too.

Al Dosari Zoo & Game Reserve

Al Dosari Zoo & Game Reserve

Al Dosari Zoo is a personal zoo for the Dosari Family. However, adults and kids can visit the reserve and watch animals and birds such as Oryxes, Ostriches, Emus, Camels and etc. It has an entry charge, QR 10 for individuals.

East-West/West-East by Richard Serra

It is spread over a KM in length in the middle of a friendly part of the land. There are four steel plates standing between 14.7 meters and 16.7 meters above the ground. 

Zekreet Rock Formations

Zekreet rock

It is nearby Richard Serra’s art installation. The place is popular among astrophotographers in Qatar.

Zekreet Fort

Zekreet Fort

Zekreet fort was built in the 18th -19th century. You must visit this heritage place.

Al Areesh

Al Areesh

It is located in the northwest of Qatar. Al Areesh was one of the greatest fishermen’s hamlets in Qatar, with roughly 40 houses.

Al Qarma Beach Garden

Al Qarma Beach

Al Qarma Beach Garden is one of the beautiful gardens you can visit. However, only females and children under 10 years old are allowed in the garden. The garden is located in Al Khor City. You can witness various kinds of trees and plants, a play area for kids, wooden umbrellas, shaded areas, walking paths, benches, and solar-powered lighting in the garden.

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