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Purple Island: A Beautiful Place and Natural Wonder in Qatar

Purple Island

Looking for a place to unplug and faraway from the hustle and bustle from the city life? Purple Island – a wonderful natural gem in Qatar will fulfill this very well. Situated within the region of Al Khor on the upper east coast of Qatar – the island is called Jazirat bin Ghanim or Al Khor Island.

Purple Island is shockingly green and an ideal goal for nature lovers, where you will spot fish, crabs, plants and blooms, fossils, and wildlife as you walk along the salt marshes. Scroll down to know more about these places.

What’s the background history?

The island was mostly never permanently possessed, however visited for specific reasons at various periods. According to the Qatar Museum, it was a place to travel to a brief campsite for trade with Bahrain and was used by fishermen or pearl divers as quickly as the beginning of the 2nd millennium BCE. However, the island was a site for red-purple color from shellfish during the Kassite Period. It was a camp for pearling endeavors during the Sasanian Period and a fishing outpost in the Late Islamic Period.

For what reason is the name Purple Island?

The Purple Island, was an important site for color creation, especially purple color, the name of the island! Excavations have uncovered a midden (shell store) containing the remaining parts of around 2.9 million individual crushed shells of the ocean snail thais savignyi, and huge fired tanks that were mostly used to macerate the crushed molluscs. This kind of shellfish lives under a rock in the intertidal bowl and produces a red to dark red color.

How can I go there?

Purple Island

The island is situated around 50 km north of Doha and it is an hour’s journey from Doha. It’s available even in small vehicles like cars. If you need to go there, drive north to Al Khor by means of Shamal Highway and turn right before Al Meera Dhakira. Drive straight then turn right on the unpaved road to arrive at the Purple Island parking area. Snap here for Google Maps location. When you arrive at the place, you will locate a big open space and you need to stop at the causeway.

What would you be able to explore on this island?

The island offers a perfect place for nature lovers for walking and exploring. Mangrove forest is one of the points of interest on the island. Other than this, you will be satisfied to see small fish and crabs, and various birds. The primary landmark of this place is the wooden bridge that is situated within the mangroves or above the water channels, which prompts a few hills and purple island beach. You can feel adventurous while passing the canal by the wooden walking way.

Purple Island is certainly not a flat sand island; you will see a few low limestone cliffs all through the islands. While walking, don’t walk on bare feet as there are various crab holes on the ground.

The beauty of the Purple Island in pictures

A couple of things to note down

  • There is a kayaking trip available through the mangroves, which is paid and as well as requires pre-booking.
  • There is no entrance to toilet facilities.
  • Bring your own shade as it’s not available.
  • Be careful to keep water and staple with you since there is no general store or hotels nearby in Al Khor city.
  • On a last note, if you visit the Island, keep your garbage with you and throw it in the bins situated in the area.

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