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Questions and Answers for the New Minimum Wage in Doha Qatar

minimum wage law

Qatar made history on the world by declaring two important labor changes – setting a minimum wage and removal of the No Objection Certificate (NOC). Without a doubt you’ve heard the good news and we know you have questions. We collect the questions from you, and compiled them below to support you!

Regularly questions about the new minimum wage law

1. How much is the new minimum wage?

Law No. 17 of 2020 on Setting the Minimum Wage for Workers and household Workers sets the minimum wage for all private-sector laborers, including local laborers, at QAR 1,000 per month as a starting wage, QR 500 per month distributed by the employer for accommodation expenses and QR 300 per month for food, except if the employer already gives sufficient food and accommodation to the employee or domestic worker.

2. When does the law produce results?

The new law will come into force 6 months after its distribution in the official newspaper.

3. What is the Official Gazette?

As per the Law No. 1 of 1961, an official government journal will be established, in which all legislation will be distributed after the successful date of its coming into power. The motivation behind the newspaper will be to inform the overall public regarding the promulgation of new legislation. Such a period might be shortened or extended by an express arrangement in the new legislation, without partiality to previous guidelines material in a current legislation.

You can see the Official Gazette through the website of the Ministry of Justice.

4. Does the minimum wage affect only household laborers and workers?

No, it applies to everyone in Qatar’s private sector regardless to citizenship, industry, or job. The law is non-unfair. No other country in the area gives a non-unfair the minimum wage for laborers. This change is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Minimum wages that have been executed in different parts of the Middle East just apply to specific nationalities.

5. Will there be a new agreement once the new law comes into effect?

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) will be working with managers to update all employment contracts where laborers earn not exactly the amount established by the new law.

6. How is the new minimum wage advantageous to laborers?

  • The new minimum wage sets a country-wide essential wage for all laborers.
  • It will give security to Qatar’s labor market.
  • Give a financial guarantee to all laborers.

7. If the employer gives food and accommodation, how much is the minimum wage?

The employee will be paid not exactly QR 1,000 as a starting wage.

8. What if the employer gives accommodation however no food?

The employee will be paid not exactly QR 1,800. QR 1,000 as a starting wage in addition to QR 300 food allowance.

9. Consider the possibility that the employer doesn’t give both food and accommodation?

The employee will be paid not exactly QR 1,800. QR 1,000 as a starting wage in addition to QR 300 food allowance and QR 500 accommodation allowance.

10. How will it be enforced?

  • Qatar’s State Cabinet has passed a draft law to increase the financial and non-financial related punishments for companies violating labor laws, including in cases of delayed salary payments.
  • MADLSA will be working with employers to update their work contracts and guarantee they are in line with the new legislation within the following 6 months.
  • A Minimum Wage Committee will be framed and tasked with regularly studying and reviewing the minimum wage of employees and domestic laborers.
  • If a company presently has employees on its finance system who earn not exactly the amount set out above, this must be revised as per the new minimum wage. If the finance system contains wages that are over these amounts, employers should not penetrate the conditions of the agreement by lowering the wages.
  • Service is educating laborers to ensure they understand their rights and skill to get the help to enforce those rights.

11. Does this law also apply to those earning not exactly the set minimum wage?

Yes, the law will apply to those earning, not exactly the new minimum wage once it becomes effective.

12. Does this law apply to those earning more than the minimum wage?

No, the law won’t matter if the employee’s starting salary plus food and accommodation is higher than the set minimum wage.

13. Can an employer decrease an employee’s starting salary to the new minimum wage?

If the finance system contains wages that are over these amounts, employers should not penetrate the conditions of the agreement by lowering the wages.

14. What can an employee do if they receive below the minimum wage after the new law comes into effect?

The employee can raise this issue with his/her manager or the MADLSA. You can document a complaint to MADLSA personally or by calling the hotline 16008 or email

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